local area network

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a local computer network for communication between computers

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It is expected to be particularly attractive to customers in metropolitan locations who have the need to interconnect local area networks.
The Network Attached Storage (NAS) 300G is a highly-tuned file server that resides between the local area network (LAN) and a storage area network (SAN).
Users today require capabilities such as local area network connection, distributed processing and image transfer across metropolitan areas," said John Seazholtz, vice president of network technologies.
Helius provides leading business class data broadcasting solutions through the simple secure and reliable delivery of broadband IP over satellites, terrestrial and local area networks.
the Tucson- based developer and manufacturer of the award-winning LANtastic Local Area Network, today announced that it has signed a letter of intent with Performance Technology Inc.
Within The Octagon, Telkonet's iWire System also creates a local area network (LAN), allowing the building owners and NYSERDA to access real time data from the solar panels.
Introduction to Ethernet: Basic functions and components of a Local Area Network (LAN)
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