local area network

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a local computer network for communication between computers

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The airport determined that it required interference-free, reliable connectivity to ensure uninterrupted local area network connectivity and smooth operation.
The data and multimedia infrastructure is composed of AMP fiber optic lines with 110 fiber drops supporting a local area network made up of five servers, 80 Windows(r) PCs, and 12 Macintosh(r) computers.
Local Area Network (LAN): Communications system that connects one computer to another, with applications remaining in a central location.
A well-known database producer advertises their product as "fully networkable." Yet by studying the definitions at the beginning of the network license, the selector will learn that the network use permitted in later sections is restricted to a local area network within a single building where the product must be located.
Ideally, physicians and other clinicians working in a health care organization will have access via their local area networks to high-speed (ISDN or DS-1) digital telephone connections to Internet service providers and the World Wide Web, with much faster data rates than they can obtain with modems over the plain, old telephone system (POTS).
Local Area Networks in Libraries, part of Meckler's "Computers in Libraries" series, lays a solid foundation for librarians new to LAN ideology to build their technical understanding.
With a local area network, several users can share expensive peripheral resources such as niodems, facsimile machines, and printers.
AT&T said that it will implement and manage Amtrak's Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and Enhanced Virtual Private Network (EVPN) to help connect over 400 locations and converge multiple networks to a single, global network platform.
The Telkonet iWire System also creates a local area network within the building that can be accessed remotely via web portals by building owners and managers to monitor energy use in real time, allowing them to Control usage in either specific areas of buildings, throughout the building, or even groups of buildings.
The test will confirm the effectiveness of the local area network (LAN) that links various recording devices on the containership MOL Express and the portal site that receives the information on land.
Microsoft Exchange and Common Internet File System (CIFS) file services applications were initially designed for local area network (LAN) environments, so their performance drops dramatically when used across a WAN link that has even modest latency.
The solution is a wireless local area network (WLAN) and we'll tell you how easy it is to install one yourself at a nominal cost.
One or both sides of a secure VPN connection can be a local area network. PCs on a LAN do not need VPN software installed, rather, a device on the LAN (either a PC or a special VPN software or hardware appliance) contains the VPN software and all PCs on the LAN share the VPN connection created by this device.
They begin the day by turning on their personal computers that are connected to the department's local area network. To bring themselves up-to-date, some officers decide to run a list of all of the burglaries entered into the department's database during their vacations.
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