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a small lobe or subdivision of a lobe

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Poderemos colocar como exemplo: lobulus semilunaris cranialis superior.
Todos os adjectivos biformes (semilunaris; -e et cranialis;- e) bem como superior ; -ius concordam em genero, numero e caso com o substantivo que dependem, que sera lobulus;- i (lobulo): substantivo masculino, nominativo no singular da 2a declinacao.
In the brain of male medaka, high levels of activity are localized in sections containing the preoptic (POA) and suprachiasmatic nuclei (SC) (63-75 fmol/hr) and low levels in the nuclei periventricular dorsalis (HD), ventralis (HV), and caudalis (Hc), nuclei diffusus of lobulus inferiores (NDIL), and nuclei tuberi anteriores (TA) and posteriores (TP) ([is less than] 25 fmol/hr).