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She was badly entangled in a broken lobster pot, and the poor thing was utterly exhausted.
A member of the public spot t ed t he r uc k s a c k s attached to the lobster pots earlier in the day.
One theory is that Mr Barry had become caught in rope as he was letting out lobster pots from his vessel.
Loftus Development Trust has sent a team of environmental workers into the Kilton Beck in Skinningrove to clear out all sorts of rubbish, ranging from bikes, to traffic cones to old lobster pots.
It's unusual to get one this size because it's normally the smaller ones that crawl into the lobster pots - they don't have enough sense to stay out
As previously reported by The Journal, John Affleck was ordered to pay pounds 10,896 by magistrates for using crab as bait and failing to fix tabs to lobster pots, near Holy Island last August.
They took the boat Lady Linda out of Skerries Harbour to collect lobster pots.
Brian set lobster pots in the Forth off Alloa, Clackmannanshire, "as an experiment" after hearing lobsters had been caught as far up river as nearby Kincardine.
They include a strike on a trout and deer farm, near Lanark, and the destruction of 60 lobster pots at Port Logan, near Stranraer, by a group calling itself the Lobster Liberation Front.
The discarded fish flesh was being stored for lobster pots - but could have ended up in the food chain, the Irish Mirror has learned.
The court heard how lobster pots attached to a marker buoy bearing the name of Affleck's vessel Soph-Ash Jay were found in the sea, North of Holy Island, during a routine inspection by NIFCA chief officer Al Browne on August 2.
The drugs, worth up to pounds 53 million, were in watertight rucksacks which were tied to a buoy in the same way that lobster pots would be.
RUSTY bikes, scooters, metal railings and discarded lobster pots were just a few of the items pulled from the sea in an underwater clean up operation on Anglesey.
At around 3pm yesterday, Tynemouth lifeboat was launched to help the "Ena Dolan", which had been hauling lobster pots just inside Tynemouth pier.