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surgical interruption of nerve tracts to and from the frontal lobe of the brain

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The book is the first to give voice to a female lobotomy patient and her daughter; all previous such narratives concerned males.
A brief history of psychosurgery: Part 1 -From trephination to lobotomy. Surg Neurol Int 2013; 5; 4: 49.
The reality of prefrontal lobotomy is jarring and disquieting, pulling on primal fears.
But the scene about the lobotomy was the most challenging to write.
Maybe these guys have already had the frontal lobotomy.
The lobotomy was performed by a local GP or surgeon, and one patient is known to have died.
Paul Glastris's "The Big Lobotomy" is great piece chock-full of lots of good data.
"You need to have passion in what you're doing rather than 3 minutes and here's your lobotomy," the former Ohio State cheerleader explained.
Prefrontal lobotomy is perhaps the most infamous of many discredited treatments that were introduced as a great solution to severe brain disorders such as schizophrenia.
However, the veil of that alleged progressive and artificial "weariness" serves to cover up the cautious operation of lobotomy and cementing of the statements that everything is futile and predetermined.
Which got me thinking about the self lobotomy the Chicago Sun-Times performed when it laid off its entire 28-person full-time photo staff, including a Pulitzer Prize winner, late last spring.
The former 'Teen Mom' star has responded to Sheen's inflammatory rhetoric, including phrases like "desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua," "tranny-boobs," and "congrats on surviving your lobotomy."
just take two aspirins and undergo a lobotomy. Then sit back and enjoy the "diving".
Instead this column is about someone I know but don't talk to, and who made me surprised and angry enough to ask if she had decided to have a lobotomy, being the sort of person who would gladly join the queue, and have a good time in the line, if she heard that her buddies were all queuing to have lobotomies.
The groom wore a suit; the bride, a custom-made Valentino confection with a headpiece that made her look like the world's most ethereal lobotomy patient.