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surgical interruption of nerve tracts to and from the frontal lobe of the brain

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Maximum Lifespan, which reads more like a sci-fi movie than a typical comic book, explores the ethics of genetic re-engineering and cloning lobotomized humans for replacement parts.
While he's being gently scolded by his dead dad, Tiger stares silently at the camera, looking either chastised or lobotomized.
There are the stories of his racist morn, lobotomized aunt, and a TV exec who told him he'd never find work as a homosexual.
Two events in particular, however, signify big enterprise's blossoming interest in providing smaller businesses with purpose-designed software instead of lobotomized versions of large-scale applications.
Then, fortunately, the spinster next-door neighbour and her partially lobotomized brother Dickens embalm him, so the little girl can still cuddle with her father's corpse every night.
that was suburbanized in the same way McMurphy was lobotomized in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
Thus compromised, FEMA's response almost seemed designed to prove that the actions of a deliberately castrated and lobotomized government were truly the best any government could manage--and so hadn't it made sense all along to shrink the beast until it was small and feeble enough to "drag it into the bathtub and drown it," as one right-wing political strategist put it?
And every American soldier left sightless, crippled, lobotomized, or permanently disfigured from combat injuries experiences a life-altering loss.
And the naturally lobotomized person will have gotten the gun out of its container faster than you ever did and is now waving it around for all to see--with his finger on the trigger, most likely.
A lobotomized patient may not feel any happier, but affectless, quiescent people are surely easier to deal with in an institution.
And Rachel Weisz is suitably flaky as the pretty niece she wants lobotomized to ensure the sordid circumstances surrounding his death remain secret.
How long until some rich individual creates lobotomized "spares" to replace his or her own aging human body parts?
Ultimately, it helped send their daughter to a mental institution, where she was lobotomized in 1943, and it exacerbated Tom's natural fear of intimacy (though, from an artistic point of view, not always in destructive ways).
A Liturgy of Roses" was also the working title for his play The Rose Tattoo, a Dionysian farce, and the poem takes up that play's investigation of links between religion and sexuality; both works no doubt also allude to Williams's sister, Rose, a figure of naivete for the writer because she had been lobotomized.
McMurphy is lobotomized, Billy is killed, the Indian goes out the window and the patients are cheering him on - if you're not ready for any of that, don't know that's coming.