loblolly pine

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tall spreading three-needled pine of southeastern United States having reddish-brown fissured bark and a full bushy upper head

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Equations for predicting green weight of loblolly pine trees in the South.
The cotton rat is often the most common small mammal in old fields with loblolly pine invasions (Odum, 1955; Dickson, 2001), perhaps because of its ability to exploit herbaceous vegetation and pine bark in winter as needed.
Maturation-related loss in rooting competence by loblolly pine stem cuttings: The role of auxin transport, metabolism and tissue sensitivity.
The diseases were selected because they cause considerable damage to loblolly pine, but the pathogens need different conditions to survive.
Loblolly pine decline (LPD) is a tree disease complex that is characterized by symptoms that include thinning tree crowns, growth reductions (Eckhardt et al.
Fluff pulp, the soft, white absorbent used in diapers and tampons, can be made only from the coarse fibers of loblolly pine, a fast-growing tree that thrives in the U.
More than 50% of loblolly pine pollen still germinates after drifting those distances, they discovered.
Current forest conservation efforts in the East are typically geared toward long leaf pine restoration, an ecologically important native tree that has been replaced by loblolly pine farms and regenerated hardwoods.
Southern pine, southern yellow pine, Florida longleaf, Florida yellow pine, Georgia yellow pine, slash pine, loblolly pine, shortleaf pine, American pitch pine, Gulf coast pitch pine, longleaf pitch pine, longleaf pine and longleaf yellow pine, Carolina pine, northern Carolina pine, meadow pine, salt water pine, spruce pine, she pitch pine, swamp pine, bassett pine, black pine and foxtail pine are among the common names of the four species.
Loblolly pine has rapid growth on sites with low inherent soil fertility and minimal fertilizer inputs (Schultz, 1997).
Loblolly pine is important to the economics of the southeast United States because it makes up half of the total wood production and about 80% of pine seed production for the Unite States.
By the time the made-over Charger appeared last January on the TLC series ``Rides,'' the ``Xtreme Lee'' turned out 585 horsepower with enough torque - 615 foot-pounds - to topple a Georgia loblolly pine.
Clearing areas prior to planting loblolly pine and various hardwood species.
Loblolly pine was selected as a case study because of its importance as a plantation species in the southeastern United States.