loblolly pine

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tall spreading three-needled pine of southeastern United States having reddish-brown fissured bark and a full bushy upper head

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Effect of initial planting spacing on wood properties of unthinned loblolly pine at age 21.
For decades, G x E considerations of productivity and drought hardiness have affected loblolly pine plantation decision-making in the western portion of the loblolly pine range.
Meek, "Response of mid-rotation loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) physiology and productivity to sustained, moderate drought on the western edge of the range," Forests, vol.
For each loblolly pine we recorded sub-cell, estimated height, diameter, extent and freshness of rodent damage, whether alive or dead, and, if the latter, the cause of death.
Eisenhower famously lobbied club officials to have the loblolly pine removed after tangling with it on many occasions, and Scott did not sound overly upset to see his wish belatedly granted.
Sometimes referred to as Ike's Tree, the loblolly pine became known as Eisenhower's Tree after US President Dwight D.
'Ike' Eisenhower campaigned with club offi-cials during his White House tenure to have the loblolly pine removed, so rankled was he to find it an obstacle that repeatedly intruded on his rounds.
Runion and his colleagues used open-top field chambers to expose loblolly pine and red oak seedlings to twice the normal levels of C[O.sub.2] for 6 weeks, then inoculated them with two common fungal pathogens that cause two diseases, pitch canker and fusiform rust.
tenuis Eichhoff have been associated with loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) decline (Eckhardt et al.
The forest recovery campaign, expected to cost more than $4 million, aims to plant native loblolly pine seedlings on approximately 16,000 burned acres equaling 2 million trees in the state park and another 2 million on surrounding private land.
The Texas Forest Service wants to plant 4 million loblolly pine seedlings in Bastrop State Park over the next few years, to help restore the forest after last year's fires.
In 2011, the fluff form of pulp, which "can be made only from the coarse fibers of loblolly pine, a fast-growing tree that thrives in the U.S.