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Synonyms for lobate

having or resembling a lobe or lobes


having deeply indented margins but with lobes not entirely separate from each other


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In fact, the species was originally named because of its lobate testes (Wallin 1909), although this distinguishing feature is not unique in the genus Allocreadium in New World fish (Williams and Dyer 1992).
Sediments were collected from fifteen dune-beach profiles surveyed along the shoreline of a washover lobate formation on the bayside of Island Beach State Pack, New Jersey.
The researchers also cited the existence of lobate flow deposits on the Martian dichotomy boundary, which separates the planet's southern highlands from the northern plains, as evidence for a tsunami that pushed waves of water toward an ancient shoreline in the southern hemisphere.
Lobate scarps are cliffs caused by thrust faults that have broken the surface and reach up to nearly 2 miles high.
The male terminalia are characteristic; the supra-anal plate is triangular, wide and lobate, bearing 2 or more small black processes on its anterior surface; the cerci are laterally flattened, bilobate at the tip, the upper fork forming a thin vertical fin, the lower incurved and thickened, often with a subcylindrical form, sometimes in contrast forming a sharp hook; the apex of the subgenital plate is divided, forming two small triangular lobes.
Ventrolateral foregut glands: Exoepithelial, lobate, extraepithelial glandular cells and necks not surrounded by muscles; paired ducts becoming fused before entering foregut.
Pyrgotidae Schiner, 1868 are medium to large-sized (4-18 mm) acalyptrate flies, which usually can be recognized by a rather slender (often wasp-like) body, pictured or hyaline wings with short lobate cell bcu, oblique face, genal groove prolongated postero-dorsally to the middle of occiput height, and stiletto-like aculeus that is much shorter than the oviscape.
The species became known in Florida by the vernacular name lobate lac scale in reference to its taxonomic position in the lac scale family, and to the presence in the female test with 4 prominent lobes, a conspicuous character that is found in some other species of Paratachardina, but distinguishes this species from other scale insects commonly encountered in Florida.
eupeus, the ventro-median carinae of the metasomal segment 11 and III are serratocrenulate with the granules increasing in size posteriorly; the ventrolateral carinae of the metasomal segment V are crenulate, and the granules are irregularly increasing posteriorly with 1-3 of them significantly enlarged and lobate; the pedipalp chela is strong with Cl/Cw = 3.47 [+ or -] 0.25 (n = 52) for the female and 3.23 [+ or -] 0.27 (n = 26) for the male, the fixed finger and the movable finger having 10 and 11 rows of oblique granules, respectively.
The bases and flanks of Olympus Mons and several other giant volcanoes have lobate deposits that appear to be glaciers buried under layers of dust.
The peripheral margin is distinctly lobate from the spiral side, subacute to acute, in some specimens showing an imperforate rim.
For example, abundant gelatinous organisms, such as the scyphomedusa (Chrysaors quinquecirra) and the lobate ctenophore (Mnemiopsis leidyi), can be important predators on early-stage anchovy and competitors with juveniles and adults (Purcell et al., 1994), but their potential role with respect to bay anchovy recruitment could not be defined in our study.
The contacts between mafic and salic phases are sharp, but lobate, with occasional rounded blobs or streaks of one lithology in the other, indicating some degree of mingling.
Lobate forms on the landward margin of barrier island systems provide evidence of cross-island transport that resulted in the deposition of marine sediments into the barrier island-bay system.
The first evidence of an active moon came in 2010 when LRO's camera returned high-resolution images of landforms called lobate scarps.