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Synonyms for lob

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an easy return of a tennis ball in a high arc

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the act of propelling something (as a ball or shell etc

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propel in a high arc

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The study supports a clear disconnect between IT and LoB leaders, highlighting potential ownership issues around securing process-specific IoT/OT devices.
In most organisations in the middle East, digital initiatives are being increasingly funded by line- of-business departments or jointly funded by IT and the LoBs. This is a fundamental change from the days when the IT department was solely responsible for procuring, provisioning, and supporting technology in the organisation.
these projects are focused around LoBs fulfilling omni-channel ambitions to
LOB decision makers expect implementation of IoT projects to increase in 2016.
However, not many Los are authorized to purchase collaboration technology without IT's "knowledge and consent." About 24% of enterprises say LoBs can purchase and implement collaboration technology without IT's approval or involvement, says the report.
To obtain a favorable determination, the applicant must demonstrate that (1) it does not qualify under the relevant LOB provisions, (2) it has a substantial nontax nexus to the treaty country, and (3) neither the applicant nor its direct or indirect owners will use the treaty in a manner inconsistent with its purposes if benefits are granted.
At the highest tested concentration (10 [micro]M) all compounds strongly down-regulated the LPS-induced production of IL-8 protein, with Lob 2, Lob 5, Lob 6 and Lob 7 being the most effective.
First, LOB's rich and coffee-esque Imperial Russian Stout - at 7.4%, definitely an endof-the-night drink.
Meanwhile, IT departments spend 70 per cent of their stagnant budgets on maintenance, leaving them with very little capacity for innovation, making it difficult to respond quickly to LOB requests.
The Discussion Draft sets forth a highly detailed LOB Provision as paragraphs 1-5 of a new "Article 'X,' Entitlement to Benefits." The Discussion Draft notes that a "detailed Commentary will explain the main features of this rule" and discusses some alternatives to, and additional issues that may be presented by, an LOB Provision (including the inclusion of a "derivative benefits" provision).
Raheem Sterling opened proceedings with a well-taken lob over goalkeeper Simon Mignolet as Liverpool began the new year with a home victory after recording just six in the league in 2012.
Adam Smith's lob then levelled the tie five minutes before the break.
In lob Smarts, Donovan covers everything from how to land a job to what to do with your money once you get paid.
Second-half goals from the dual spearhead of Ben Mackey and Stefan Moore plus a Rene Steer lob late on, Town's 100th in the league this term, decided the issue Neither side made much headway in a cat and mouse opening half with Saints' best efforts coming from Ben Mackey, twice denied by keeper Tom Cross, while Greenbacks had to wait until the 42nd minute before posing a threat, Tom Bates' cross found Mitch Piggon whose close range shot on the turn flew into the side-netting.