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Synonyms for lob

Words related to lob

an easy return of a tennis ball in a high arc

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the act of propelling something (as a ball or shell etc

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propel in a high arc

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The study supports a clear disconnect between IT and LoB leaders, highlighting potential ownership issues around securing process-specific IoT/OT devices.
In this context, the relationship between the IT function and LoBs is expected to change rapidly over the next few years.
The majority of LOB decision makers (78 percent) cite the use of KPIs to measure mobile success and see responsibility for tracking these shifting more towards the business.
About 24% of enterprises say LoBs can purchase and implement collaboration technology without IT's approval or involvement, says the report.
Analysis of any relevant factor for determining whether to grant a request for discretionary LOB relief, as indicated, for example, by the applicable U.
Further in vitro testing of the three most active compounds, lobatin B (Lob 6), 8[beta]-isovaleryloxy-9[alpha]-acetoxy-calyculatolide (Lob 7), neurolenin B (Lob 2) showed that the structures significantly down-regulated mRNA expression of the IL-8 (with the exception of Lob 2) and E-selectin genes in HUVECtert cells stimulated with LPS.
Second, the LOB Provision includes various tests that, if satisfied, will entitle a person to treaty benefits if that person is entitled to benefits under the remaining provisions of the Model Treaty, including meeting the provisions of any treaty anti-abuse rule.
Galabankies midfielder Bryan Gilfillan tried to lob keeper Stephen Grindlay with a cheeky effort from 35 yards five minutes before the break but the Sons No.
She and her Grandfather Will are special people who are aware of Lob in the garden.
In the table above there was a positive strong relationship between LOB starting the balance transfer from the right foot and Height (0.
Temporal lob epilepsisi olan hastalarda psikiyatrik bozukluklarin yaygin oldugu ve yasam kalitesini en az nobetler kadar olumsuz etkiledigi bilinmektedir.
Although there are both LOB and GEB girls in the mix, the new group is known as the GEB.
110-161) required OMB to provide to the Congressional Committees on Appropriations of the House and Senate a report on a number of issues, including the role of public-private competition as part of HR LOB, and for GAO to review OMB's report and brief the committees on GAO's views concerning the report.
Last season's top goalscorer scored his first in the 50th minute with a shot from the edge of the area, before he completed the turnaround five minutes later with a delicate lob from 20 yards.