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Synonyms for loathe



Synonyms for loathe

to regard with extreme dislike and hostility

Synonyms for loathe

find repugnant

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Referring to times he went on stage as his alter-ego Bing Hitler, he claims: "English people in the audience were daunting because since I was a child I have been taught to fear and loathe the English.
By all means loathe Chinese aggression, expansionism, imperialism.
Author Tim Juda describes the Macedonian prime minister as a person that Macedonians either love or loathe. For those who loathe him, he is a dictator, Machiavellist and destroyer of independent media.
It has made me rather come to loathe the sight of your publication in my mailbox.--Maureen K.
Summary: Many motorists loathe motorway driving, according to a survey from the AA Driving School.
They loathe me because I have brought the BNP from being, frankly, an anti-Semitic and racist organisation into being the only political party which, in the clashes between Israel and Gaza, stood full square behind Israel's right to deal with Hamas terrorists." Asked by presenter David Dimbleby if he had ever denied the Holocaust, he replied: "I do not have a conviction for Holocaust denial."
I loathe any space that has a sign on it telling me who maintains it or which pot of money paid for the grass or the CCTV cameras and I loathe noticing the cameras.
Loathe him or hate him, you have to admire Fergie's longevity.
They are still refusing to talk to people they loathe. The militant Palestinian movement Hamas is definitely not invited to their meeting, even though it controls a large swath of Palestinian territory and psyche.
LOVE him or loathe him, Michael O'Leary certainly adds colour to any debate.
Whether you loathe it or adore it, the genre of science fiction has one superlative quality that redeems decades of sometimes-awful writing: it stretches the reader's mind.
I hope you don't loathe the people as much as you do the name.
Rats: you have to loathe them if you're a city dweller; yet author Robdert Sullivan does just the opposite: he spent a year investigating a rat-infested alley just a few blocks from wall street, getting to know its habits, the efforts of exterminators, and others involved in the wild city rat's life.
Einstein did loathe the idea that physical processes could be random.
Many people seem to loathe or distrust the individuals or wider groups they believe might turn these fears into reality.