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Synonyms for loath

Synonyms for loath

not inclined or willing to do or undertake

Synonyms for loath

unwillingness to do something contrary to your custom

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(usually followed by 'to') strongly opposed

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And the evidence from polling carried out the week he was appointed by 92,000 Tory members suggests the people of Scotland loath him.
"I would be loath to go down that route of starting to interfere with religious groups or restrict people's freedom of association in any way."
Like or loath Mr Trump the majority of the US citizens voted him in probably due to the fact they are fed up with the same old spiel from the democrats who have nothing new to offer the public.
Everything that they spew is nothing but a lie to retain their hold on power to make sure the rich get richer, by making us fear and loath each other just for expecting to be treated with the human dignity that each of us are capable of giving.
Loath as we are to be mean to the new mum, the 1967 black Givenchy gown (sourced by William Vintage) just didn't quite work.
If we are to understand politicians in general that the public favour abortion, then why are they so loath to tell us exactly where they stand on these matters at election time?
They are loath to admit they went along with this fantasy for too long, contributing much to the rise of ISIL.
I've been loath to chop it back but even at my great height, 5ft 2in and a bit, it presents a challenge.
It was desperately needed after the Swansea performance, and I would be loath to change the back four for the Manchester United game.
The army is loath to take on the powerful Muslim Brotherhood as most of its soldiers support it.
Indians are loath to make new purchases because consumer optimism is on the decline, the bank said.
We know now that the likes of Ireland, Sweden, Germany and Finland would be loath to see Britain depart from the union of some 500 million people.
Summary: People are loath to give up their cellphones, even when engaged in sports risky enough ...
Like it or loath it, she should have known better for a woman in her position.
If young people are nothing loath to any kinds of job, they will find it easily.