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Synonyms for loaner

someone who lends money or gives credit in business matters

a car that is lent as a replacement for one that is under repair

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Limited loaner copies are available at the Fiction Desk on the first floor.
Go Dodge Surrey has a fleet of 35 service loaner vehicles which are offered to a customer when they come for servicing their vehicle.
Presumably the loaner laptops will be equipped with Microsoft Office.
* Surgical Device Loaner Kit Processing--Surgical Trays & Components
San Diego Gas & Electric, a regulated public utility that provides energy service, has introduced a home area network device loaner program.
Or do what my brother would have done, and just keep the loaner!
Maruszczak recommended that the district change its school-use-only policy to a school loaner policy allowing 24/7 access.
On-site testing coupled with loaner availability increases uptime, reduces workload on the OR, central sterile, biomedical, and purchasing teams, and reduces the need for flashing equipment.
Smart-Fold features triple-layer reinforcement, making it 64% more durable than the leading sterilization wrap, to protect the heaviest procedure trays and loaner sets from tears and cuts that can occur during handling.
Features like transportation requirements (loaner, rental, shuttle, waiting, etc.) and integrated electronic alerts to Sales staff of onsite customers in the service area creates new opportunities for sales and customer retention.
Employees' increased use of the Department's bicycle loaner program has been matched by a new bike-related program that gives qualifying staff a subsidy for using a non-motorized bike to get to work.
In 2010, the YSSA developed a practical plan to organize and administer an industry-wide firearms loaner program for supporting youth programs.
Number of Facilities: Two facilities in Fall River, MA; loaner kits processing
An enhancement to Tektronix' current support offerings, Gold Care Plans deliver such benefits as equivalent loaner products, scheduled factory-certified calibration, and priority access to technical support resources.