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someone who lends money or gives credit in business matters

a car that is lent as a replacement for one that is under repair

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Dealers will get vehicles directly from customers, make permanent repairs that will resolve the safety risk and provide a free interim loaner vehicle, if necessary.
Go Dodge Surrey has a fleet of 35 service loaner vehicles which are offered to a customer when they come for servicing their vehicle.
San Diego Gas & Electric, a regulated public utility that provides energy service, has introduced a home area network device loaner program.
Kimberly-Clark really takes the time to understand the challenges users face with processing and handling heavier instruments and loaner trays," says Mark Duro, manager of the central sterile processing department at a leading orthopedic hospital.
Under the bicycle loaner program, which offers employees free use of 10 bicycles located in the parking garage of the Harry S Truman building, employees can borrow a bike to attend a meeting or take a short, lunchtime ride on the Mall.
Millstone's wide range of outsourcing options includes packaging design and validation engineering, advanced mechanical inspection, sterile and non-sterile packaging, loaner kit processing, and distribution services.
The core features available in Tektronix Gold Care Plans - at a single price - include: a loaner product of equal or higher performance on product failures of any type, scheduled factory-certified calibration, EOS/ESD coverage,priority processing of all failed products, priority access to Tektronix technical support and call centers and uninterrupted coverage for up to 5 total years with automatic renewal.
A Volvo dealership in Bradford, Yorkshire, England is providing its customers the choice of a loaner bicycle or a traditional loaner car when they visit their Volvo office for service.
We agreed that I would bring my car in the following Wednesday, and that I would get a loaner car for the day, also free of charge.
com) has launched a program to provide free loaner microscope kits to science teachers, including free shipping of the kits to and from anywhere in the US.
They provide services for various brands of fiberoptic cables, light sources and headlights and offer an extensive selection of loaner equipment.
Bvlgari produced a plastic limited edition with a gold index as a loaner for customers who didn't return them.
The company is providing customers with a loaner AED20 at no cost while their unit is serviced.
One approach that has been very well received for us is our loaner program for office work.