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a word that is composed of parts from different languages (e

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Verbal loanblends in Italiot and Heptanesian: a case study of contact morphology.
Haugen also makes a clear distinction between loanblends and creations (formations based on borrowings), which are elsewhere sometimes fused under the notion of hybrid formations (Haugen 1950: 219, 220-222; cf.
This latter type is akin to hybrid formations or loanblends present in general Spanish.
1) See Rodriguez (2013) for an overview of the different types of loanblends in Spanish.
In our sample, however, there are few cases of genuine autonomous creations in Spanish, and they do not usually correspond to traditional sports, but to outdoor activities (goming, puenting), and are in fact more accurately loanblends due to the presence of a Spanish baseform, as we shall see below.