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a word that is composed of parts from different languages (e

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Verbal loanblends in Italiot and Heptanesian: a case study of contact morphology.
This latter type is akin to hybrid formations or loanblends present in general Spanish.
(1) See Rodriguez (2013) for an overview of the different types of loanblends in Spanish.
Loanwords are characterized by morphemic importation without substitution, loanblends feature both morphemic importation and substitution, and loanshifts are produced by complete morphemic substitution without importation (Haugen 1950: 214).
Of most relevance to the present paper are Haugen's loanblends, which may be further subdivided into blended derivatives, which substitute "native suffixes ...
As may be seen, to the "traditional" categories (Furiassi 2003 and 2010) we have decided to add hybrid formations, also called "loanblends," such as web cafe, which are either not mentioned in the literature as false Anglicisms, or explicitly discarded (Furiassi 2010, 40).