loan shark

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someone who lends money at excessive rates of interest

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DESPERATE money borrowers are being urged to 'bite back' against loan sharks.
MONEY seized from loan sharks is being used to help stop them in their tracks.
A BLITZ on illegal loan sharks is under threat due to more Tory spending cuts.
Stockton Council, together with a range of community-based organisations, will sign the local Stop Loan Sharks Charter.
A PROJECT has been launched to stop cashstrapped Birmingham families from falling foul of loan sharks.
Cash-strapped residents who have fallen victim to loan sharks in the UAE are being urged to put aside their fear and report their plight to police.
The number of loan shark victims is growing at an alarming rate -- with tens of millions of dirhams in circulation -- because of a number of reasons," he said.
There are groups who can help and the last person anyone should turn to for support is a loan shark.
If you have information about a loan shark operating in your community call the Hotline on 0300 123 33 11.
An illegal money lender, or loan shark, is anyone who runs a money lending business without a licence from the Office of Fair Trading, and lending money without a licence is a crime.
People aren't just protecting the loan sharks, they're protecting themselves because if the loan shark gets banged up you've instantly taken away their access to money.
One victim of a convicted loan shark, who asked not to be named, said she took out a loan for pounds 150, and ended up paying back pounds 5,000 over five years.
The Loan Shark Victim Support Fund was officially opened at Coleg Llandrillio yesterday, in a bid to help families who have been left with nothing thanks to ruthless 'lenders'.
The OFT said there were particular loan shark hot spots in Scotland, the North and the West Midlands.
And when they fail to make their repayments, they are threatened with violence and/or have their car blown up as a reminder; this results in the borrower signing over assets to the loan shark.