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a number of pictures loaned by their owners for exhibition

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It also provides a variety of services including loan collection agency business and bank transfer agency business.
The New Zealand government's student loan collection overseas has netted $150 million in additional payments.
?"Monumental Moments," a photograph created by Bruce Berg of Springfield, was accepted into the loan collection of Professional Photographers of America 2014 International Photographic Competition.
PIECES created by four West Midlands-based artists have been bought by the biggest loan collection of contemporary British art in the UK.
Alonzo said the board's efforts, in partnership with the Texas attorney general's office, to improve loan collection and a successful effort to lower the default rate for the College Access Loan have both played an important role in allowing the board to make the product more affordable.
"We did it in small pieces (and) it's really helped us improve our workflow, especially in lending and loan collection" Roberts said.
For example, banks outsource loan collection to third-party agencies, which may have collected the cheque but not informed the bank on time.
SENSATIONAL Bahraini photographer Summer Ameen Weeks has received professional accolades for her stunning images which will be published in a celebrated book featuring the work of some of the world's finest lens-men and women.They were awarded 'merits' and chosen to be published in the exclusive Loan Collection Book which showcases a select top tier of work by competition winners.
Those who fail to return short loan collection items at the University of Warwick are charged PS1 per hour - and even part hour.
When OPE determines that a borrower does not qualify for public service loan forgiveness, it will inform the borrower of its decision and tell the borrower that loan collection activities will resume.
It emerged yesterday that Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank are looking to sell Picture's loan collection service to a South Wales-based financial services company.
In October the government injected 3.5 billion won (US$3.3 million) in public funds, including 2.7 billion won (US$2.6 million) into two savings banks, and recovered 258.2 billion won (US$245.9 million) in the form of liquidation dividends (152.3 billion won or US$145.0 million), sales of assets (10 billion won or US$9.5 million), and non-performing loan collection (87.8 billion won or US$83.6 million).
Over the past decade, new technology' has greatly improved collection productivity in loan collection operations by increasing the numbers of calls made and allowing collectors to handle large account loads.
The relationship lender's special loan collection skill makes loans illiquid and hard to sell or borrow against.
The founder and president of Nichiei Co., Kazuo Matsuda, will resign as head of the nonbank moneylender after the government issues a reprimand for its aggressive loan collection tactics, industry sources said Thursday.