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consisting of or having the character of loam


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5% increase in clay, the difference between a loamy sand and a sandy loam, differentiated unsuitable southeastern pocket gopher habitat from suitable habitat (Table 3).
1]), loamy sand (n = 12) (A) Pig slurry (51 kg organic N 12.
Table 1 HSG based on USDA soil classification HSG Soil Texture A Sand, loamy sand or sandy loam B Silt or loam C Sandy clay loam D Clay loam, silt clay loam, sandy clay, silty clay, or clay Table 2 Soil types according to soil texture Type of soil Soil texture Coarse Loamy Typic Dystropepts Clay loam Coarse Loamy Typic Humitropepts Sandy clay loam Fine Loamy Lithic Troporthents loam Fine Loamy Typic Dystropepts Silty clay Sandy loam Loamy sand Typic Tropudalf Silty clay Ultic Dystropepts Loamy sand Ultic Tropudalf Sandy clay loam Table 3 Hydrological soil group, land use and CN S.
Haunted by her nightmares, she gave vent to her torment with a rich, loamy voice, while Gazheli's sonorous instrument was heard to advantage as Oreste.
If you can't plant it in the open garden, put it in a really big container in loamy compost and give it a high-potash feed during the growing season.
Elegant, briary cherry/berry fruit (close to loamy source), sprinkled with pepper.
globe artichokes, which can be planted out on light or loamy soil in full sun.
If you are fertilising flower borders, avoid adding fish, blood and bone to them as its scent attracts them, along with the rich, loamy soil which is a haven for worms.
Tobacco is cultivated in the west, on high, loamy, loose and well-drained acidic soils that demand constant fertilization.
Which were formed on the loamy soil, contemporary diluvium and bedded with guarded clays.
Soil type in Field 2 (TIF) was a Metz loamy sand (sandy, mixed, thermic Typic Xerofluvents).
I have very deep, loamy soils with super moisture-holding capacity--and with very few rocks, that makes this site very different from most of the Shenandoah Valley.
Crace's imagery brilliantly suggests the loamy, lyric glories of rustic English language and life.