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consisting of or having the character of loam


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Loamy soils are present on the south and western side of the basin being represented by typical Chernozems, carbon Chernozems and leachate Chernozems weakly and moderately cambic.
In the loamy sand, the depth of rain to ponding for the PAM(H) treatment was 41 mm, while that for the PAM(M) treatment was only 29mm.
([double dagger]) WA = Wilson silt loam, acidic; WL = Wilson silt loam, limed TA = Teller fine sandy loam, acidic; TL = Teller fine sandy loam, limed; KA = Konsil loamy fine sand, acidic; KL = Konsil loamy fine sand, limed.
Noteworthy points of the article include the following: 1) clay loam soil contained 19 percent more soil organic carbon in 30 cm depth; 2) permanent pasture contained six percent more soil organic carbon pool than forest in clay loam, but 55 percent less in loamy sand; and 3) plowing of pastures drastically decreased the year's soil organic carbon pool in clay loam soil, but increased it in two years for loamy sand soil.
The scientists looked at loamy sand soil in east-central Alabama to see how much C[O.sub.2] escaped during plowing of a grain sorghum field.
A land of fertile and loamy river valleys and craggy inhospitable highlands, the people who settled and farmed here were no less shaped by the land than they shaped the land to meet their agricultural needs.
They prefer moist, well-drained loamy soil that is neutral or a bit on the alkaline side (pH 6.6 to 8.0).
This makes our soil loamy and easily worked, along with the straw we rototill in.
Two grids were placed on a sandy loam range site and two grids on a loamy range site.
By the mid '70s this loamy nutrient was transformed into all-purpose pluralism.
Separate the seeds out and fill a tray with loamy, crumbly, welldraining compost.
Samples were taken from a dark brown clay (Chromic Haploxerert; Soil Survey Staff 2010) from Bet Dagan (BD clay), a loam (Calcic Haploxeralf) from Gilat (GL loam), and a loamy sand (Typic Haploxeralf) from Ramat Hakovesh (RH loamy sand), Israel.
The fizz refreshes the palate immediately as does the crisp acidity but this is no frivolous fruit fest as the loamy mineral tone through the mid palate coats the tastebuds in this cracking little picnic wine and with only 10.5% alcohol, its not too taxing on the head.
Plant them in a light or loamy, well-drained soil in a sunny, sheltered position in rows 90cm (3ft) apart and allowing 90cm (3ft) between the plants.