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a rich soil consisting of a mixture of sand and clay and decaying organic materials

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The soil textural classes predicted to sustain fracturing were clay, loam, clay loam, silty clay loam, and silty clay.
The unamended sand and the loam mixtures packed to the highest bulk densities (Table 2).
The present study was undertaken to compare rodent populations between a grass-dominated loamy range site and a grass-shrub mosaic in a sandy loam site in a Chihuahuan Desert grassland.
Four types of soils--loam, sandy loam, silty loam and silty-clay loam--were used in this investigation.
The two fields with the lowest management intensity (class 1) both had clay loam texture; however, no overall relationship existed between texture and management intensity.
The results showed that sulfur and urease inhibitor (agrotain) coated urea significantly increased the dry matter yield, N uptake and grain quality of rice cultivars over granular urea (GU) and control treatment applied split, particularly in silty loam soil than clay loam soil.
Microscopic examination of thin sand-lime samples and samples containing 30 wc clay loam.
As part of reorganizations and direct loam, D had to repay loans to S.
But unlike these younger, more urbanized artists, whose influences tend toward the Pop-ish and faux outsider, Brophy sinks his foundations into painting's historical loam, tapping unfashionable veins of German Romanticism, Renaissance portraiture, and the landscape paintings of Albert Bierstadt and Frederic Edwin Church.
The three soils used in this experiment included a Konsil loamy fine sand (fine-loamy, siliceous, thermic Ultic Paleustalfs), a Wilson silt loam (fine, montmorillonitic, thermic Vertic Ochraqualfs), and a Teller fine sandy loam (fine-loamy, mixed, active, thermic, Udic Argiustolls).
Actifoam is a fire resistant loam rubber that is used in the building industry, ship construction, as well as in insulation.
Petunias grow best in quick-draining sandy loam soil.
One slope of the mound had clay loam soil and another had sandy loam.
The molds (made of four parts clay and five parts sand) for cast iron pots were made through the loam molding process.