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a rich soil consisting of a mixture of sand and clay and decaying organic materials

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Plant in full sun or partial shade in well-drained humus-rich soil (chalk, loam or sand), although it will be tolerant of most soils as long as they are reasonably well-drained.
Table 4 shows the [a.sub.c] values for canola and wheat in the sandy loam and clay loam soils.
The maximum value of electrical conductivity (E/C) was found in mound soil of loam (1.91+-0.08) and minimum value was found in soil type (clay loam) (0.62+-0.10) (Table II).
The highest vitamin A was recorded in plant samples on loam soils in both trials, while the lowest was noted in control soil plant samples.
In figure 6 is shown graph and map of vibration spread in the sandy loam soil.
Soil of the NIAB-II site is mainly clay loam; loam followed by silt loam and sandy at depths 0-15, 15-30, 30-45, 45-60 and 60-75 cm respectively (Table 3).
In the sandy loam class, the S-index was high (0.063), even at a DC of 95% (Figure 1A), which can be related to the higher percentage of the sand fraction.
Table 1 HSG based on USDA soil classification HSG Soil Texture A Sand, loamy sand or sandy loam B Silt or loam C Sandy clay loam D Clay loam, silt clay loam, sandy clay, silty clay, or clay Table 2 Soil types according to soil texture Type of soil Soil texture Coarse Loamy Typic Dystropepts Clay loam Coarse Loamy Typic Humitropepts Sandy clay loam Fine Loamy Lithic Troporthents loam Fine Loamy Typic Dystropepts Silty clay Sandy loam Loamy sand Typic Tropudalf Silty clay Ultic Dystropepts Loamy sand Ultic Tropudalf Sandy clay loam Table 3 Hydrological soil group, land use and CN S.
textilis occupying burrows previously made by adult Eastern Striped Skink Ctenotus robustus (see below) beneath stones on loam soil were recorded.
Starting with a good loam always helps but that's no longer guaranteed because the pressure to build houses generally means what's left after the builders have departed can be as infertile as a bucket of sand.
The soil comprises of sandy loam and sandy clay loam with Haro basin in North, Soan River in South and Jehlum River in East of the study area.
The finest clay loam sediments from the upstream channel sites adsorbed the greatest levels.
Soil texture is usually classified as clay, clay loam, loam, sandy loam, or sand.
The objective of this paper therefore was to evaluate soil/material interface friction and adhesion of Akure sandy clay loam soils in southwestern Nigeria.
In a telephone interview, Early said he read in the T&G last fall about the poor condition of Doherty's practice football field and instructed participants in his diversion community service program to remove rocks, loosen the soil, and seed and loam the field this spring.