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having no employment

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Although a number of situational conditions that influence the degree to which social loafing occurs in various performance settings have been identified in the literature--with increases in 'public evaluation' and 'individual identifiability' being among the key deterrents of social loafing (see Williams, Harkins, & Latane, 1981)--personality or dispositional characteristics of performers have also been linked to social loafing.
Given that different profiles of perfectionism show different relationships with a variety of adaptive/functional and maladaptive/dysfunctional processes and outcomes in sport, it seems important to determine if perfectionism in sport may play a role in the social loafing process for athletes (see H0igaard et al., 2010).
Social loafing pervades our lives, regardless of task type.
Individual factors are also of great importance when delineating the nature of social loafing (Smrt & Karau, 2011).
SouthComm last year bought two other Creative Loafing titles, those in Charlotte, N.C., and Tampa, and in March acquired Cincinnati's CityBeat from the local publisher.
Creative Loafing, like many daily newspaper publishers in the 2000s, expanded too quickly and took on too much debt just before the massive ad recession of 2008.
Delano will apparently have only two bids before her in the equity auction for Creative Loafing, publisher of six alternative weeklies including namesake titles in Tampa, Charlotte, N.C., and Atlanta as well as the Chicago Reader and Washington City Paper.
It was for the purpose of buying the latter two papers in 2007 that Creative Loafing borrowed $30 million from Atalaya Capital Management and another $10 million from BIA Digital Partners.
This phenomenon was studied over 100 years ago by a French agricultural engineer named Ringelmann (Kravitz & Martin, 1986) and has since been called social loafing (Latane, Williams & Harkins, 1979).
But according to an account by Wayne Garcia, blogging for the Creative Loafing Tampa newspaper, Judge Caryl E.
Social loafing is "a decrease in individual effort due to the social presence of other persons" (Latane et al.
Delano rejected an argument from Creative Loafing's principal lender Atalaya Capital Management that Eason's management had impaired the group's value.
Delano rejected a motion by Atalaya Administrative LLC asking to take ownership of Creative Loafing, which owes it $30 million.
Ruxton, now owned by the big alternative chain Village Voice Media (VVM), was created by the owners of the Chicago Reader, which Creative Loafing acquired last year along with City Paper in D.C.
Skyway Capital Partners of Tampa represented Creative Loafing. BIA Digital Partners in Chantilly, Va., invested in the deal and Gregg Johnson of BIA will serve on Creative Loafing's board.