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a permanent magnet consisting of magnetite that possess polarity and has the power to attract as well as to be attracted magnetically

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In the discussion of the discovery of magnet and loadstone in History of the Principal Discoveries and Improvements in the Several Arts and Sciences (1727), Defoe relies mainly on the observations of Boyle and more than once quotes Boyle's ideas.
That name, in the days of peace, was a loadstone, attracting to itself a whole people's confidence, a whole people's love, and the whole world's respect.
For all of them, however, their power depends upon that loadstone.
It is not a loadstone of corporate information that is passed on intact from one age to the next.
Despite his claims at the beginning of the Historia natural y moral to have written a natural history that also strove to find the causes of the phenomena it described, Acosta refused to advance any single hypothesis to explain the properties of the loadstone or the perplexing fact that a magnetized needle would constantly point North: "Others may dispute and inquire into the causes of this marvel, and they may adduce as much as they want I don't care what sympathies; contemplating these marvels I find more pleasure in praising the Power and Providence of the Supreme Maker, and I enjoy myself pondering His marvelous works" (Historia Natural 101).
Instances where the lightning has actually struck the vessel, so as to smite down some of the spars and rigging, the effect upon the needle has at times been still more fatal; all its loadstone virtue being annihilated, so that the before magnetic steel was of no more use than an old wife's knitting needle.
Established in 2006, the Masdar Initiative is the loadstone of this strategy.
The imagination gives out what it has first absorbed by congeniality of temperament, what it has attracted and moulded into itself by elective affinity, as the loadstone draws and impregnates iron.
Monty Lilburn, 33, created the mapping software Loadstone, which uses GPS co-ordinates of bus stops, cashpoints and train stations.
The second uses databases only to generate routes by loading certain points from a list of checkpoints that the person who is visually impaired is guided along to his or her destination, as is done with Loadstone GPS.
Although sixteenth-century humanists also tended to view direct appeals to the passions with suspicion, most notably in juridical or political spheres, theater was regarded as the privileged domain for pathetic discourse and paroxysmal effusions became the loadstone of the tragic art.
even loadstone and wounded dogs, for direction, must adjust
More than 1,000 years earlier the Chinese had already discovered that if loadstone was placed in a container of water, magnetic force would cause the stone to drift to one side, acting as a compass.
A few lines later we are "near the solemn river, stealing away by night, as all things steal away, by night and by day, so quietly yielding to the attraction of the loadstone rock of Eternity .