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a stop where carriers can be loaded and unloaded


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This particular loading area was subject to a Examiner article last week titled 'Is this the most confusing parking space in town?' We now know why.
Police have sealed off all entrances to the loading area. Around five cordons were strung up across alleyways on Crowhall Lane and Coldwell Lane, with officers standing guard preventing people or vehicles entering.
Evans was transporting cut timber from a remote logging site to a loading area, and was about 300 feet in the air when the mechanical problem arose, the sheriff's office said.
The system works by allowing the operator to arrange preloaded bags on the left and right guide rails, which are then transported to the machine's secondary loading area and finished in the vacuum chamber.
The case is then pneumatically lowered from the loading area onto its bottom and transferred via the exit conveyor to be top-and bottom-taped.
The investment included a new 14,000 sq.ft bread production plant; a despatch and loading area and state-of-the-art new equipment.
Two men attacked the driver of a British Airways security van in a secure airside cargo loading area near Terminal 4.
In a piece of neat coincidental design, the movement of the foyer above follows the same path, with a stepped pedestrian ramp over the truck ramp and the largest bar with southward view over the loading area. The roof of the truck's turning space becomes a dramatic paved terrace to the foyer that juts out over the water.
For both trucks and wheel loaders (and wheel dozers where these are used for clean up) the loading area's surface and condition will have a major impact on tyre life.
Weekly inspection of salt storage and loading area must be conducted by the road foreman or assistant general foreman.
It features all of the practicality of the straight petrol variant which is the company's best selling car without losing its well-know 'magic seats' which fold to give a flat loading area and an impressive maximum load-lugging space of up to 883 litres.
It incorporates 50,000 sq ft of factory and office space, as well as a car parking and loading area.
Next, the case is pneumatically lowered from the loading area onto its bottom and transferred via the exit conveyor to be top- and bottom-taped.
Also Colsec have recently completed the construction of a 40 by 30 by 6m high suite of freezer and coldrooms, together with a marshalling and loading area measuring 30 by 15m, for the frozen food distributors, P and H McLane.