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an attendant who loads guns for someone shooting game

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Secretary Excise and Taxation Punjab Capt (R) Sher Alam Masood had directed the department officials to register loader rickshaws, falling as per conditions by law.
After the loader had cleaned the area that it could reach (a half circle with a 10-foot radius), the tractor was backed up to a new working position by simply unlocking the pedestal brake and letting the shoe slide over the cleaned area.
The company introduced its first ever backhoe loader in 2016, choosing the Middle East as the launch market.
Liebherr has been developing its wheel loader range for decades, delivering its first prototypes, named 'Elefant' and 'Mammut', in the 1950s, followed by the 'LSL 1500' in the 1960s.
In terms of geography, Asia Pacific dominates the global backhoe loader market, followed by North America and Europe.
Keeping the loader cool when working long hours is important in prolonging the service life of the machine.
The skid-steer machine makes an excellent dedicated loader. It works great in the dirt pile and when landscaping the yard.
With the right attachments you can use a skid loader to push, blow and sweep snow.
Kelly Moore, product manager--skid steers and compact track loaders, for Gehl, West Bend, Wis., says contractors and recyclers should keep certain terrain limitations in mind when considering a track loader for a given operation.
For heavy, bulky material, a wheel loader with its greater operating capacity might be more advantageous.
Parent company UnaDyn brought out the LS Series 95B self-contained vacuum loader with Shop-Vac brushless motor (5 to 25 hp) that reduces maintenance.
The TUSK includes additional protection at the loader's gun station on the turret and the commander's gun station, reactive armor to protect the tank's side from attack by rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and slat armor to protect the tank's rear from the same weapon, and the tank/infantry telephone to allow infantry and armor soldiers to work together in combat.
On June 9, 2004 a ceremony was held in Gwinner, N.D., to recognize the skid-steer loader as a historic development in agricultural engineering.