loaded down

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Synonyms for loaded down

heavily burdened with work or cares

bearing a physically heavy weight or load

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Another 1 million tons is under long-term or short-term contracts.<br />"Sand demand and pricing remain strong, with most of our current available processing capabilities sold out for the next 60 days," CEO Arty Straehla said.<br />Some large drillers will use an entire trainload of sand to frack a 2-mile lateral wellbore; that's 100 rail cars loaded down with about 2.4 million pounds.
My kids love the pretty color play between the bright green lime and rich-ruby pomegranate, while I love the fact that I can make a fantastic dinner that isn't loaded down with extra fat or empty calories.
IT'S freezing cold, you're loaded down with bags and you trudge back to your Bentley in your designer moon boots to find you've got a parking ticket.
Caption: Lane loaded down .44 Magnum cartridges with Trail Boss, Unique, and W231 powders and Montana Bullet Works 255-grain Keith-style cast SWC bullets and compared them to standard .44 Special handloads with the same propellants.
They promise to speed things up at the checkout, and mean no more fumbling for cards or cash while loaded down with bags.
The result is that the major gaps on individual spending bills that so often disrupt appropriations negotiations largely do not exist; unless an omnibus bill is loaded down with unrelated policy items, it could stand a solid chance for passage.
"People there have their own vision; it's their land, and they want to be its masters, want to negotiate with the central Ukrainian authorities, on what terms this can be done, so that the agreement was not loaded down with any conflicts," he added.
GYEONGJIU (TAP) - A resort auditorium's roof loaded down with snow and rain collapsed during a welcoming ceremony for South Korean university freshmen, killing 10 and injuring more than 100, officials said.
| TOWIE''s Danielle Armstrong heads out of Lip Couture in Crosby loaded down after a photoshoot for her new fashion range.
The 24-year-old Pakistani motorist, named Saddam Hussein,was too heavy on the accelerator pedal and found himself -- and his vehicle -- in the water.Hussain's Toyota Camry was loaded down with goods.
Not every citizen wants to shop at John Lewis, or wait for buses loaded down with shopping.
Despite the fact that she's loaded down with concerts , Arab Idol episodes , and other pulls for her famous time, the Lebanese songstress always makes room for her family , which she stresses comes in first place in her life.
One of the suspects was caught on surveillance cameras, his backpack increasingly loaded down with cash, authorities said.
I honestly don't think a weekend would go by without me participating in some sort of fishing--whether it was my two brothers and I riding our bikes loaded down with rods and castnets headed to Alan's Creek, or holding on to the T-top looking back at the sun rising over the condo-laden beaches of Pinellas County as we headed out to the grouper grounds.