loaded down

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Synonyms for loaded down

heavily burdened with work or cares

bearing a physically heavy weight or load

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People there have their own vision; it's their land, and they want to be its masters, want to negotiate with the central Ukrainian authorities, on what terms this can be done, so that the agreement was not loaded down with any conflicts," he added.
GYEONGJIU (TAP) - A resort auditorium's roof loaded down with snow and rain collapsed during a welcoming ceremony for South Korean university freshmen, killing 10 and injuring more than 100, officials said.
TOWIE''s Danielle Armstrong heads out of Lip Couture in Crosby loaded down after a photoshoot for her new fashion range.
Not every citizen wants to shop at John Lewis, or wait for buses loaded down with shopping.
Despite the fact that she's loaded down with concerts , Arab Idol episodes , and other pulls for her famous time, the Lebanese songstress always makes room for her family , which she stresses comes in first place in her life.
One of the suspects was caught on surveillance cameras, his backpack increasingly loaded down with cash, authorities said.
I honestly don't think a weekend would go by without me participating in some sort of fishing--whether it was my two brothers and I riding our bikes loaded down with rods and castnets headed to Alan's Creek, or holding on to the T-top looking back at the sun rising over the condo-laden beaches of Pinellas County as we headed out to the grouper grounds.
5 that stopped outside the bakery, I saw my pal and others loaded down with bags.
I didn't know about the smell wrapping this little half-island loaded down with bodies no one knows where to burn or bury or bless.
Loaded down with bags of designer gear, they hopped into a silver BMW 4X4 and headed home - with cheeky former I'm A Celeb Jungle Queen Kerry hanging out of the window to give fellow shoppers a royal wave goodbye.
Investigating officer, Detective Constable Helen Middlemas, said: "The offenders would have been very conspicuous, as they are likely to have been loaded down with lots of items.
For the poor, the foreseeable future holds no promise of a brighter dawn, they will be loaded down until they break.
Anyone who hates to be loaded down by extra stuff will love the i-Kam Xtreme glasses.
Other selections making the list included the Triple Play, a grilled triple stack of Pullman bread loaded down with smoked brisket and pulled pork, courtesy of the Reno Aces; the Fifth Third Burger, which includes five one-third pound hamburger patties, chili, chips and salsa packed into a 1-pound hamburger bun, courtesy of the West Michigan Whitecaps; and BBQ Nachos, courtesy of the Memphis Redbirds.
And joining the program, loaded down with symbolic suitcases, is the Catalan collective Kamchatka--a group of young artists that formed in a workshop organized by Spanish director Adrien Schvarzstein at Barcelona's 2006 Festival Escena Poblenou.