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cutting off the electric current on certain lines when the demand becomes greater than the supply

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The load-shedding and warm weather are going to gather and they have made the life of people miserable.
The unscheduled load-shedding mostly during nights at Gul Bela, Lala Zar Colony, Bakhshu bridge, Chargo Kalay, Bhudani, Basheerabad and other adjoining areas on Charsadda Road have made the lives of people miserable.
Quetta is suffering from load-shedding of 6 to 8 hours.
Many areas of Lahore are witnessing more than eight hours of load-shedding and this does not include prolonged power breakdowns which happen due to overloading of transmission wires and different grid stations.
'When will load-shedding end in the metropolis,' the chief justice asked.
brA technical problem at K-Electric's Bin Qasim power plant is reported to be the reason behind over 14 hours of load-shedding in some areas of the city.
According to details, due to the power cut the load-shedding duration reached 12 hours in big cities while 14 hours in rural areas.
'When will load-shedding end in the metropolis,' the chief justice asked while hearing a case pertaining to the city's power crisis at apex court's Karachi Registry.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Friday said that he has written to the interim Prime Minister Nasirul Mulk to apprise the public of the 'correct picture' of load-shedding in the country.
K-Electric had promised scheduled load-shedding during the month of Ramazan so that people would have some relief while fasting, especially in the scorching summer heat.
Karachi -- The Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) on Saturday directed the Karachi Electric Supply Company (K-electric) to end the menace of unannounced load-shedding in the city and submit load-shedding schedule in the court on May 20.
Islamabad -- NEPRA will take legal action against K-Electric KE) over prolonged electricity load-shedding in Karachi, sources told this paper on Tuesday.
ISLAMABAD:Around 60 per cent feeders of the country were observing 12 hours load-shedding while the rest especially in Punjab observed zero per cent load-shedding.According to details, country has total 8620 feeders, in which 3805 observed zero load-shedding and other 4815 observed 2 to 12 hours load-shedding.
has clarified an impression attributed to Wapda's policy "low line losses less load-shedding and high losses more load-shedding" and said it was not true as demand of energy has increased