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capable of bearing a structural load


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Therefore, based on the literatures and as summarized in the Table 1, it is possible to use them as potential factors influencing the adoption of a load-bearing masonry (LBM) system in Malaysia's construction industry.
The robots are said to benefit from an innovative design that utilises laser-welded steel sections to keep the dead weight of the robots low, enabling the load-bearing capacity to be raised.
Such load-bearing sports seem to push the body to form new bone tissue.
Johansen stated that the load-bearing behaviour is composed of two effects.
get your commander's authorization to stencil THIS IS NOT A LOAD-BEARING SURFACE on top of your shelters.
A novel blow molding process incorporates movable blades within the tool to create a ribbed structure for load-bearing automotive parts.
It also rationalised the material order of the house as a whole, by distinguishing between the use of concrete in the horizontal and load-bearing brick in the vertical.
The result was a sort of insubstantial and diaphanous architecture of light and shadow, a wall from which materiality had been effaced and the idea of load-bearing voided.
Includes a two-part telescopic boom with a lift height of roughly 24 feet and a maximum load-bearing capacity of 5 metric tons and an optional XL telescopic boom offering an extended reach and a lift height of roughly 29.
He adds that when dimensional lumber was the only material, the "guy with the hammer" was ultimately responsible for all load-bearing considerations.
Runners and those who perform regular load-bearing exercise are already utilizing one powerful strategy for keeping bones strong.
There are some houses, particularly those in the 70s and 80s, where there are no load-bearing internal walls.
It derives art equation using the theory to estimate the average length of load-bearing elements (the distance between serious defects along a fiber length) within a sheet of paper from zero- and short-span tensile strengths.
To study and analyze a variety of load-bearing components, Triple Eight uses linear static analysis software from Algor of Pittsburgh.
duce high load-bearing edges for machining stainless steel.