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waterlines to show the level the water should reach when the ship is properly loaded

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The load line represents the AT and power pumped conditions possible for a given TEC drive current.
The resulting load line has a higher impedance for a given power and is easier to match.
There are four models of the SJ front load line; the SJ-350, SJ-250, SJ-150, and SJ-100.
The calibration workshop focused on discussions about ship acquisition and accreditation of domestic shipping entities, ship registration and licensing, ship safety survey and safe manning requirement, implementation of the International Safety Management (ISM), and tonnage measurement, stability and load line survey, assignment, marking and certification.
'As a nation with a long history of sea tragedies, the Philippines has recognized the important role of the Load Lines Convention as a major pillar of maritime safety by preventing the overloading of ships through the presence of visible load line marks,' Legarda said in a statement.
But he explained PCG personnel in Real would not have allowed the ship to sail if it exceeded the ship's load line.
ClassNK was granted the authorization to carry out statutory survey for US-flagged ships from the United States Coast Guard (USCG) in 2011 for the first time for the Load Line (LL) and Tonnage (TM69).
The pipelayer also maintains hydrostatic draw-works, two-speed load line and extendible counterweight.
Complementing the engine technology are premium features retained from the design of the predecessor model, the 561 N, including hydraulic draw-works, two-speed load line and extendible counterweight.
QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 Michaelmas; 2 A fairy dies; 3 The ostrich and the emu; 4 Jamaica; 5 On a ship%s Plimsoll Line or International Load Line.
In addition to voltage and current control, the new multiphase controllers were required to satisfy many other specification requirements: VID programming, load line regulation, power sequencing, phase current balance, monitoring and protection.
Another European debutante is a complete top load line, featuring a Propak robotic collator loading the twin head Carton Erector and Compact 3-flap Closer.
Given a required RF output power level, any decrease in supply voltage requires a corresponding increase in current, a larger transistor and an output load network with a higher conductance load line. While the higher conductance load line can be achieved by a network providing a larger impedance transformation (impedance scaling), the RF losses associated with this network are higher unless the Q of the individual components can also be increased.