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waterlines to show the level the water should reach when the ship is properly loaded

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Greatly expanding dive stores' opportunities to provide new itineraries and new adventures for their customers, the M/V Spree is the only US-based liveaboard dive vessel of its class with an international load line.
The chiller capacities and efficiencies measured for each refrigerant along load lines taken at the standard operating conditions are shown in Figure 2.
When asked about the new PC*MILER enhancement to the load line, Nick Edwards, an Internet Truckstop member since 2008 and owner of Edwards Trucking Co.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance And Replacement Of Wooden Logs Sleepers Of Haulage Track Line From 13L,39D To 25L,73D Endless Haulage Roadway Empty And Load Line At Bhawani Incline Of Ambara Colliery, Kanhan Area
The load line provides the functional relationship between the air flow rate through the engine and the pressure difference across the engine.
The Plimsoll load line marks that we see on ships to this day are an enduring testimony to Samuel Plimsoll's tireless pursuit of safety at sea," said John Gormley, editor, Professional Mariner magazine.
Tenders are invited for Load Line Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Mccb Breaking Capacity 25 Ka At 415 Vac Current Rating 80 Amp,4 Pole, Frame-Gh Alongwith Extended Terminal And Mccb Enclosure Confirming To Iec-60747-Ii/Is-13947.
It features a single lever controller that activates the load line and the boom line separately or in combination.
The block set features four-part load and boom lines, two-speed planetary winches with free-fall on the load line, for faster, smoother operation.
Smooth, precise load control and simultaneous operation of both the boom and load line winches.
Tenders are invited for Manning Operation To Internal Electric Supply And Certain Other Misc Repairs To Wiring And Connected Fitting Fixtures Mccb Dbs Load Line Dbs And Internal Wiring Street Light Security Light At Hq Wac Bldg Area Smq Area Otm Area Hq Wac Airmen Billet
Capacity ratings are made with the tractor on flat level ground, with the rated load hanging from the load line hook as per SAE J743-92.
Upon startup, superior load line accuracy is achieved through internal calibration that measures and corrects current sense errors.
Tenders are invited for Load Line Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Ac 415V Without Extended Terminal Confirms To Iec- 60947-Ii/Is:13947-Ii C - Frame 4 Pole Current Rating 250 A.