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load with a pack


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However, if you simply load down (say only half of the slow burn rate propellant of a favorite hunting load), you will likely experience erratic ignition or even a misfire, which may result in lodging the bullet in the barrel.
On top of the extra power, the GTS gets lightweight components to keep the total load down and help the 500bhp motor launch the car to 62mph in 3.8sec.
At every step of the process--from the time you load your trailer to go to the show, to the time you strap the load down for the return trip, be extra careful.
So the effective compression ratio, and therefore pre-combustion temperature, are reduced at every stage from full load down to idle.
To allow a load to be transferred between cranes and monorails to any destination within a facility, the patented track interlocking system uses a series of cranes, interlocks, spur rails, curves and switches without setting the load down. This saves time and enhances safety.
It is aimed to bring Greece's crippling debt load down from about 165 percent of GDP last year to below 120 percent by 2020.
Geoff Campbell, 41, said: "We bring a bus load down because it's a good day out and it blasts the cobwebs away."
A child pushes a load down the dusty street, sweating under the mid-day sun is a common sight these days