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Half the load and twice the dogs, if they ever expected to reach Dawson, was what was said.
It took them half the night to pitch a slovenly camp, and half the morning to break that camp and get the sled loaded in fashion so slovenly that for the rest of the day they were occupied in stopping and rearranging the load.
And though they were making poor time, the heavy load they dragged sapped their strength severely.
She was pretty and soft, but she weighed one hundred and twenty pounds--a lusty last straw to the load dragged by the weak and starving animals.
Very well," said the Abyssinian, "I promise, and even if there be but five loads you shall have your freedom; but until the gold is in my possession you remain a prisoner.
While Werper dreamed of freedom and the unmolested enjoyment of the fortune in his stolen pouch, and Abdul Mourak lay awake in greedy contemplation of the fifty loads of gold which lay but a few days farther to the south of him, Achmet Zek gave orders to his lieutenants that they should prepare a force of fighting men and carriers to proceed to the ruins of the Englishman's DOUAR on the morrow and bring back the fabulous fortune which his renegade lieutenant had told him was buried there.
Smart Load Cells by Geographic Region/Country - US, Canada,
This study at a large HIV clinic in London is the first to calculate the impact of viral load on CD4 count--and the impact of CD4 count on viral load--from one patient visit to the next in people who had not begun antiretroviral therapy.
The Aggregated Load Reduction Program is one of several programs established by NYSERDA as part of the Power Saving Partners initiative.
When you run with a normal pack, it bounces up and down," and the wearer repeatedly gets "squeezed in the vise between the load and the ground" Rome says.
Loads carried on a trailer with two structural walls that extended to the height of the load should be secured with three tie-downs per stack.
Continental Airlines today reported a June consolidated (mainline plus regional) load factor of 84.
Create a folder and sub-folders on your main computer and load all your publications, FMs and IETMs to these folders.
Max Vac vacuums clean up plant spills, convey, reclaim, load, unload, and pick up materials at points simultaneously with a central manifold system (portable, stationary, towable, or dump-truck mounted).