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slender freshwater fishes of Eurasia and Africa resembling catfishes

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Loach said: "It is an honour to be asked to be the reader at this year's Miners' Festival Service as part of the Gala.
Loach's films are known for their explorations of working-class struggles and some reviewers, including The Wrap entertainment site, bemoaned a lack of fresh ground in the director's repertoire.
"I thought Loach in their goal was outstanding and how many times have I said that (about a goalkeeper) in recent weeks?" added Flowers.
Three minutes later Loach was in action again at the other end with a reaction save to deny a flicked on long throw.
A stinger from George Carline was flying towards goal, but Loach flung himself and tipped the ball over the bar.
The ichtyofauna of Bosnia and Herzegovina comprises eight loach species, distributed in both catchments.
Loach, 79, is one of only nine directors to have won the top prize at Cannes twice.
Loach was asked if he saw his film as an indictment of the EU and he told a press conference: "I think the European Union is embodying neo-liberalism.
Loach has produced an excellent book for classroom use that is clearly and pleasantly written.
KEN Loach's next film sees the director return to Newcastle for another dose of social realism.
Ken Loach's film, set in Newcastle, was aired on television at the weekend and Labour skilfully made political capital out of it.
Instead they didn't make the most of their advantage, and only two good second-half saves from goalkeeper Scott Loach kept them ahead in the second half.