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not involving high technology

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I've seen faster, better performance from lo-tech agencies with sound business processes.
Chris MacKinder, of Woodway Park School Coventry, adopted a 'lo-tech' approach to ICT - ensuring that it enhanced learning without the need for 'a vast array of technical resources'.
In our wired world, they are winning over audiences with shows that are decidedly lo-tech. Yet while vintage in look, Jerkus Circus is steeped in modern wit, with the Bohemians and fellow performers poking fun at current foibles and riffing on any number of pop-culture episodes that have transpired since vaudeville.
According to Cranfield, participants in the BGP come from across the UK and from 'all walks of business life--hi-tech, lo-tech and even no-tech'.
'In the Northern Territory, we were looking at different crops which might be feasible for Indigenous communities living in isolated areas and retaining strong Aboriginal cultures,' says Graeme Dobson of award-winning company Lo-Tech Aquaculture Pty Ltd.
The Lo-Tech Navigator is a straightforward and practical guide to navigating at sea without the use of modern computers and advanced navigational devices.
Verging on coy, at their best Drain's collaged drawings achieve a compellingly lo-tech Koyaanisqatsi aura: disparate visuals (Chan Marshall [aka Cat Power], a demure skier, a lotus flower, a kid giving the finger, an abject child's toy) in an adroit matrix of life out of balance.
Since all the anti-piracy prosecutions, this lo-tech service is literally everywhere.
Dormant for nearly a decade, at least in terms of recording, this one is in the vein of their earlier stuff, irresistible lo-tech garage that is the perfect soundtrack to a beer and a barbeque ...
Perhaps the most interesting tactical media initiative of late or recent times, the TeleStreet network combines both old and new, lo-tech and hi-tech media.
Perhaps the only disappointing aspect of the HGS Web site is the rather "lo-tech" feel of the site.
And just before you reach the Castle Esplanade there's the Camera Obscura - a marvellous, Victorian lo-tech way of watching the city go by.
And they all go on easier and smoother, dry faster, and provide better and longer-lasting coverage than the Lo-tech old-timers or intermediate-tech lead-base finishes.
At the same time, there may be many circumstances where a LO-TECH approach may be preferable.