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wild or domesticated South American cud-chewing animal related to camels but smaller and lacking a hump

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Our destination: Ecocamp Glenshee, where site owners Fiona and Simon Calvin have an animal family of lovely dogs, two adorable donkeys and three llamas you can trek with, train with or just chat to.
As the story was shared far and wide, Loly received a call from Hooton's Homegrown Farm Shop in Anglesey, asking if they would like three female llamas for free.
I wondered if this had been a wild llama chase, but I set about my examination and quickly found the problem.
Six llamas died while seven others were injured on a farm in Louisville, Kentucky.
With the introduction of X-Ray Llamas, the option to get paid Llamas in bulk has been removed.
And the llama idea seemed to go down a storm with followers.
Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas owner Kirstin Baty of Idaho Falls, Idaho, tells the Jackson Hole News & Guide that Ike ran off after guides loosened his halter because it irritated the spot of a previously abscessed tooth.
'We don't know anybody who knows a llama personally and definitely no one who gave us blank pictures of a llama as a wedding invitation,' she added.
Staff at the Merry Harriers Inn in Hambledon have had twice as much to celebrate this month after theywelcomed their first ever set ofcrias (baby llamas) to their growing herd.
Pope Francis had some unusual company yesterday, when he welcomed three llamas at Saint Peter's Square in Rome.
Officers were called to Dalscone Farm Fun in Dumfries at 2.20am on Wednesday after the llama made a bid for freedom through a broken fence.
The British Llama Society says there are from 2,000 to 4,000 of the South American animals in the UK.