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tropical fishes with large mouths in lizard-like heads

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Kalhoro MA, Liu Q, Memon KH, Waryani B, Soomro SH (2015) Maximum sustainable yield of Greater lizardfish Saurida tumbil fishery in Pakistan using CEDA and ASPIC packages.
The myofibril-associated proteinases observed in lizardfish surimi were serine proteinases and cysteine, while a serine proteinase was reported in the bigeye snapper surimi [20, 59].
Extraction and physicochemical characterization of greater lizardfish (Saurida tumbil) skin and bone gelatin.
[53], the yolk deposition stages in this study had the criteria of both the lipid droplet stage and the cortical alveoli (yolk vesicle) stage where, unstained empty vacuoles appeared in the cytoplasm as lipid vesicles and bright pink structures as protein yolk granules This paper showed the most famous forms of atresia which mentioned in the lizardfish, Synodus saurus (Linnaeus, 1758) in the Mediterranean Sea at Alexandria area by Abu El-Nasr, T.M.
stehmani (96% of the total catch), which were associated with a few species (e.g., Atlantic cutlassfish, and the largescale lizardfish [Saurida brasiliensis]).
Saurus foetens = Synodus foetens (Linnaeus): Inshore Lizardfish; p.
From pufferfish, triggerfish, and lizardfish to sea horses and sargasso weed, dolphin seem to gobble up whatever is in their path.
Quality assessment of fish burgers from deep flounder (Pseudorhombus elevatus) and brushtooth lizardfish (Saurida undosquamis) during storage at -18[degrees]C.
Abstract Growth and mortality parameters of brushtooth lizardfish Saurida undosquamis (Richardson, 1848)
Ten species of fish were only collected in the spring: black drum Pogonias cromis, silver perch Bairdiella chrysoura, southern kingfish Menticirrhus americanus, stripped mullet Mugil cephalus, ladyfish Elops saurus, pipefish Syngnathus spp., inland silverside Menidia beryllina, spot Leiostomus xanthurus, least puffer Sphoeroidesparvus, and inshore lizardfish Synodus foetens.
(2009) explained 98.4% of variation in body weight from several body measurements in Lizardfish with three latent variables.
[22.] Benjakul S, Visessanguan W and J Turksuban Changes in physico-chemical properties and gel-forming ability of lizardfish (Saurida tumbil) during post-mortem storage in ice.