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Synonyms for living-room

a room in a private house or establishment where people can sit and talk and relax

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Besides the big living-room, there was a kitchen and a small bedroom downstairs.
He rang the bell, a door opened, and we stepped into a paved way and then up into a small living-room, where we were received by a hearty and good-natured German woman of fifty.
From the hangings and sumptuous furniture of the room I judged it to be a living-room of some priestess, possibly of Issus herself.
Even my elderly neighbor who lives in the apartment next to mine manages to keep her living-room space neat and tidy, even when her weekly cleaner has not been to her home for several days.
Deputies found DeLapaz lying on the living-room floor, bleeding.
Huddersfield fire station watch manager Tony Bateman said: "The cause is being investigated, but it was a serious fire which gutted the living-room.
Soft carpeting, a living-room set of eight sofas arranged along the walls, and lots of throw pillows created an ambient somewhere between domestic intimacy and the anonymity of a private viewing booth.
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