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a trust created and operating during the grantor's lifetime

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E and A's business adviser advanced several credible and unchallenged nontax business reasons for the formation of the partnership that could not be accomplished via the living trust.
Hold life insurance policy in a living trust to ensure your child receives death benefits.
The class explored the fundamentals of planning an estate, how the probate court system works, what happens if you die without a will, what a will does, how a living trust works, how to plan for incapacity with a power of attorney, the purpose of advance directives, and how to organize everything together.
As a national authority on living trusts, The Estate Plan was compelled, if not fiducially obligated, to create a new and much more advanced website, TheEstatePlanningSource.
Because of her young age, the annuity payments he will start receiving at 65 will be substantially lower, based on her life expectancy, said Robert Goldsmith, the Cheathams' financial planner at Financial Fitness & Living Trust in Simi Valley.
A living trust saves the expense and time of probate.
More and more individuals are using living trusts to avoid probate court and transfer their property to named beneficiaries upon their death.
Respondent recommended an unsuitable investment strategy that over-concentrated the Living Trust account in four speculative securities using margin - borrowed money - which dramatically increased the risk," the claim contends.
American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company was accused of participating in a Living Trust mill.
A revocable living trust is a favorite nontax estate-planning tool.
According to Anderson, a revocable living trust can save fees in the probate process.
Transferring property to an irrevocable living trust in which the grantor surrenders all ownership interests excludes the corpus from the grantor's taxable estate.
The most popular trust is the revocable living trust, which means it can be changed at any time, Haught said.
April 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Attorney General Tom Corbett today announced that a second civil lawsuit has been filed against the operators of a living trust sales scheme, who are accused of deceiving elderly consumers into purchasing Revocable Living Trusts and other estate planning products that pay the sellers high commissions, but may not be in the consumers' best interest.
The Allen Paulson Living Trust Kentucky homebred won her seventh race in eight starts, beating Beautiful Noise by three lengths to capture Saturday's $250,000 Santa Barbara Handicap (Grade II) over the one-mile turf course.