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a living (or once living) entity

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An attempt and a risk seemed all commanding unto me; and whenever it commandeth, the living thing risketh itself thereby.
What persuadeth the living thing to obey, and command, and even be obedient in commanding?
Wherever I found a living thing, there found I Will to Power; and even in the will of the servant found I the will to be master.
But that ye may understand my gospel of good and evil, for that purpose will I tell you my gospel of life, and of the nature of all living things.
But wherever I found living things, there heard I also the language of obedience.
These muscles were made to grip, and tear, and destroy living things that get between me and life.
No towers or steeples or domes showed above the enclosure, nor was any living thing to be seen as our friends drew near.
But one day as the Mariner watched the water snakes, the only living things in all that dreadful waste, he blessed them unaware, merely because they were alive.
Perhaps they expected to find no living things--certainly no intelligent living things.
Individuation concerns the identity and unity of a living thing. All living things display some form of metabolism and generally also some form of growth.
Now he has written "PLOTINUS Ennead I.1: What is the Living Thing? What is Man?: Translation with an Introduction and Commentary", a succinct and concentrated analysis of key themes in Plotinus' psychology and ethics.
The "soul" as the principle of life in any living thing has also been used with respect to plants and animals, as a way to distinguish them from inanimate things.
A sentence near the end of the interview with Atlanta chef Kevin Gillespie ("Eating is believing," Expert Witness, October) caught my attention: "Being Catholic has.., given me an understanding that every living thing has value."
It is seen that 53.4% of the students answered the question of how do you understand whether an object you encounter is a living thing or not as from its breathing, 12.1% from its ability to walk and 8.4% from its growing (Table 4).
A team of researchers has discovered a tree in northern California that has taken over the title of the world's tallest living thing.