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Zuraida said she would propose that provisions be made under the 12th Malaysia Plan (2021-2025) for these bigger living quarters.
Corus employee Simon Bell checks the living quarters that will provide modular accommodation for soldiers based in Aldershot and Salisbury Plain
Client Name : Housing Cooperative Society for Employees at the Students Living Quarters of Tanta University, The Cashier
1.1402(a)-4(c)(2), under the caption "Rentals from living quarters," provides:
Three tenders for conducting the required (a) renovation and rehabilitation of the students living quarters in Saba Pacha, (b) completion of the 7th floor of the female students' living quarters in El Chatbi and (c) replacement of the flooring of the play court at the students' living quarters in Morghom.
Francis Friary, totaling over 50,000 SF of living quarters for the Friars and a new educational center for the Youth and Family Ministry.
Another example would be for the owner to enter their living quarters from the parlor level stoop and rent out the garden level, with its separate entrance.
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