living hell

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excruciating punishment

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The officer, who identifies himself as Sergeant Tony Wallace, is recorded telling him: "We'll nick you now and I will make your day a living hell because you'll be in that cell all day.
I went through this living hell for over a year and then received a phone call out of the blue saying forget it," said Merrick.
These families have made our communities a living hell where people have actually moved from areas of this town to try and get away from the crime and anti-social behaviour.
Hundreds of rioters have showed their hateful rage as they make life a living hell for their neighbours.
However, those ambitions not only led the country to fight several brutal wars with India, but also turned the region once known as paradise into "a living hell," according to an opinion published in Pakistan's The Dawn newspaper.
For no longer can I live alone On this blood and war-torn world Because my life feels as empty As a dried up well And it feels as though I'm walking Through a living hell It also feels so pointless As she made my life worth living On this war-torn world.
Would you want to live in what would become a living hell and be unable to sell any property, be unable to think your children will be safe in the streets?
I was involved in my first marriage, and it was a living hell for various reasons,'' he continues.
And out of this living hell, in the film's most surreal and haunting moment, trots a horse caked in oil, letting out a slight, frightened whinny.
In response to EB Jones stating how proposed football pitches at Cardiff's Whitchurch High will turn the area into a living hell, what garbage
The final five-hour climb was the "worst time of my life a I felt like I was in a living hell.
If your home has turned into a living hell, contact Dave Mackay on 01273 604792 or e-mail: dave.
Mrs Abbott said: ``No parent should have to go through that,it was a living hell.
One headline described it as "a living hell for hostages" (Nat.
In Our Lady, connection gives way to metaphor: The young hustler actually serves as a tour guide through the living hell of Medellin.