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stable where horses and vehicles are kept for hire

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One One was taken to nearby Holborn Hill livery stables until his owners could be traced.
Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service received the emergency call about Zeb, the 21-year-old horse at Dunston West Farm Livery Stables on Whickham Highway, at around 7.
They received the 999 call about Zeb, a 21-yearold horse at Dunston West Farm Livery Stables on Whickham Highway, at around 7.
But local people say that's not the case and neighbour Sue Chadwick, who runs a livery stables, said: "The lane is recorded on the map as a public right of way and the council has a legal duty to ensure it remains open.
Charley was hired by Ebenezer Balch's livery stables in Worcester in the 1830s and moved with Balch to Providence a few years later.
comer livery stables and barns went out of business or converted to car repair shops and filling stations.
Running an equine farm of 40 livery stables, the couple know a lot of people in the surrounding area.
Police are investigating the shootings at the livery stables at Whitestripes Farm near Bridge of Don, Aberdeen.
The charity is urging racing yards, riding clubs and livery stables to organise fundraising rides from their bases to create two days full of charity rides across the country.
Other projects have included horse livery stables, groundworks for a wedding venue, wildlife viewing facilities and a mountain bike wash-down area at a B&B.
A number of horses are kept at the farm in livery stables, neighbours said.
Before suggesting a solution, one question: Does mourning the possible end of newspapers merely parallel conservative romanticism over a decline of livery stables or family farms, or is something more profound at stake?
EARLY retirement gave Ian the opportunity to indulge his lifelong love of horses by opening his own livery stables.
It's devastating," said Otis Wallace, owner of Wallace Ranch and Livery Stables in Lake View Terrace, which boards 70 horses, offers public trail rides and teaches inner-city kids to ride.
The home was at Eighth and Charnelton in Eugene but will be moved to make way for livery stables.