livery stable

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stable where horses and vehicles are kept for hire

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Lives: Peterborough, where he works as a care home manager and runs a livery stable.
Pete Shone, boss of a neighbouring livery stable, said: "We are talking about the future of two little babies here.
Last week, while giving a tour of Corriganville, Johnson pointed out remnants of a livery stable, an Old West town that was destroyed by fire in 1970, and a concrete basin that was once filled with water to film Johnny Weissmuller films.
Added George: "So far I have managed to create a corral, a marshall's office, a livery stable and a blacksmith's.
She said: "Catchpole has a small livery stable which was a great attraction to a number of young girls with a love of horses.
But a few moments later, the brake on the tram gave out, and it rolled into a wooden livery stable facade.
The Herbal Equine Alternative Therapy centre (Heat), based in a former livery stable at Maes-y-Wern, opened three months ago.
The historic Chalk Lane yard has recently been put up for sale, having been used as a livery stable since Joe Naughton vacated the premises in 2001.
And the livery stable houses a collection of wagons, including a hearse.
The Durdans, the oldest racing yard still standing in Epsom but used as a livery stable since 2001 and currently for sale, is also being opened for organised tours.
Two cases of the highly-infectious equine disease strangles at a livery stable just yards from the racecourse caused the cancellation of the inaugural `Breakfast With The Stars' gala at the track.
Established in 1892 as a livery stable, Claremont is the oldest continually operating stable in the United States.
Penny, who hunts with the Crawley and Horsham pack and runs a livery stable, said: "It's pathetic that when there are so many more important things MPs are debating this.
Pete Shone, boss of a nearby livery stable, said there were "cats and dogs all over the place.
The home was next owned by Ed Pardee, the town constable of Mentryville, who also owned the local livery stable.