liver cancer

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malignant neoplastic disease of the liver usually occurring as a metastasis from another cancer

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According to the World Cancer Report 2014, China ranked first in the new cases of liver cancer and its death toll.
Since patent and licensing trends are an inextricable aspect of the liver cancer market, these are discussed in detail as well.
WCRF UK director Amanda McLean said: "Around three or more drinks per day can be enough to cause liver cancer.
The test works on a unique probe that is capable of detecting and colouring the microRNA associated with liver cancer known as mir-21.
Between 30%-40% of people who develop liver cancer are not infected with either virus.
ISLAMABAD -- Worldwide cases of liver cancer are on the rise, as the third most common form of cancer takes the lives of millions around the globe each year.
The analysis included 267 liver cancer patients -- 118 women and 149 men -- who were diagnosed between two years after study enrollment and an average of 10.
The investigators then compared liver cancer risk among participants who had high intake of vitamin E with those who had low intake.
He added: "The increase in the number of liver cancer cases can certainly be attributed at least in part to excessive alcohol usage.
A new study examines the aflatoxin/HBVrelationship to offer the first quantitative risk assessment of the number of liver cancer cases worldwide caused by aflatoxin [EHP 118:818-824; Liu and Wu].
Excess alcohol consumption and chronic infection with hepatitis B or C virus increase the risk of liver cancer, but the disease strikes many people who have none of those risk factors.
David Breeze, Chairman of BPH Energy, said, "The extensive overseas testing of the HLS5 gene by an independent research team has strongly correlated levels of HLS5 with liver cancer.
Both conditions cause a lot of medical problems, and this new evidence indicates more strongly than ever before that liver cancer is one of them.
Locally about a third of all injecting drug users are chronically infected with hepatitis C, a risk factor for longer term liver cancer.
The rate of primary liver cancer almost tripled from 1.