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Coffee Mill staff members Debbie Livens and Cathy Holmes celebrate the anniversary Picture: MANDY JONES
X FACTOR star Shayne Ward said the show would be boring without Wagner to liven things up but added he was disappointed Treyc got the a xe.
I READ with interest the letter from Mrs LJ Livens, of Chester, who has the quaint idea that all people are entitled to a rebate on Council Tax.
Mrs Livens really should do some research, before stating that all people are entitled to a rebate, and that a rebate of pounds 500 would not improve matters.
It livens up those new gray pin-striped pantsuits and adds drama to black or white ensembles.
The left MTG helps to monitor the "mind's voice," they contend, since it livens up on tasks that require thinking about speech but calms down during talking.
the emerging leader in high-performance data protection appliances, today announced that it has appointed Jay Livens to the newly created position of Channel Development Manager.
Livens is a skilled sales and business development professional with experience in high-growth technology markets including storage and networking industries.
For 15-year-old Ayesha Saletor, it sure livens up a history class.
The motion navigation livens up the menu set and provides an added-value feature right from the start.
It really livens things up,'' said Marcella Vortmier, 79.
Academy Award(R)-winner Leonardo DiCaprio livens up the cover and gives an exclusive interview to BuyMagazine's entertainment feature writer and president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), Dagmar Dunlevy.
Burly Michael Keith Livens, 35, was said by a colleague to have lost control when he was slapped in the face by the woman resident of a Deeside care home, who suffers from senile dementia.
Magistrates said that the offence was so serious that only prison was appropriate and Livens was jailed for four months.
She is not boring and she's always doing things to liven up the House.