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the property of being animated

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Run time of Programs Compiled with Linear Scan Allocation, as a Function of Liveness Analysis Technique
On the other hand, a liveness property claims that some "good thing" will eventually happen during system execution.
The historical context of contemporary notions of real time and liveness has not been addressed properly in the literature on media and time.
This sense of viewing reality--the liveness itself--stems in part from the act of transmitting images from the place of origin, the source of reality where the depicted image is/was really happening.
A high performance finger print liveness detection method based on quality related features," Future Generation Computer System, 28(1): 311-321.
What seems more critical is the way that this technical organisation of liveness is deployed to generate a sense of public conversation or engagement with current affairs and political issues.
It can check for invariant, reachability, and liveness properties of the system expressed in the UPPAAL Requirement Specification Language.
However, there are only a few known properties on augmented marked graphs, and these known properties are mainly on liveness and reversibility.
I like performing, I like the adrenalin and the liveness of the job.
Indeed, and certainly in this performance, liveness is a relative concept, perhaps even dubious.
In Liveness in a Mediatized Culture, Philip Auslander argues that current live performances in music and theatre swim in the seas of the media culture which Baudrilliard and others have noted is our current habitat.
Normally system specification depicts operational requirements and it does not include the properties like liveness, fairness, deadlock freedom, mutual exclusion, etc.
But the overall vibe of this show is bravely contemporary and progressive; its very liveness offers a model of embodied protest.
First, the proof rules for verifying liveness properties of concurrent programs are simplified: well-founded induction over the natural numbers is adequate to prove termination under finitary fairness.
Safety: Machines are removed from a view only by the Liveness property.