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The front of the building was drab and the work that has been done has livened it up," he said.
The White Sangria offers a tropical twist on the traditional, blending delicious white wine with exotic fruit flavors and the Red Sangria is a deliciously smooth red wine livened up with citrus and berry flavors for a lighter version of the classic Sangria.
But the Black Cats livened up in the second half and, despite being reduced to 10 men when Greg Halford was sent off midway through the second period, they levelled through Jones four minutes from time.
But there is no doubt that the ensemble works its collective tail off, and any slow spots are livened up by an acrobatic elf named Dizzy (sadly uncredited in the program) who engages the audience at every opportunity.
Not feeling so cuddly was the decidedly not gay Lee, who nonetheless livened up the Riviera when The Buzz cornered him about the depiction of gays in his Directors' Fortnight entry, Summer of Sam.
1200) has livened up the pop world with her irresistible collection of songs on her Jive Records, six times platinum, debut release, Baby One More Time.
Music by Brule (Costner's favorite band) livened things up, as the crowd munched on ribs, spicy chicken and corn-on-the-cob.
Chatsworth volleyball players Matt Gudis, left and Paul George have both improved and livened up Chancellors' athletics.
And although model-actress (and estranged wife) Milla Jovovich livened up Besson's last movie, ``The Fifth Element,'' she is (at this point in her career, at least) wholly incapable of investing the sort of soul-searching intelligence that the role requires.
The rabbi's wife, Deena Gordon, livened up the service by retelling the Israelites' plight through popular tunes, including a play on the theme song from ``Gilligan's Island.
Here it's livened up with smoked ham, green onions and dry mustard.
Photographs by George Barker of Niagara Falls, including one made in 1888 that he livened up by painting a big rock in the foreground.