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skin disorder characterized by patchy bluish discolorations on the skin

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Livedo racemosa in a patient with SLE is also highly suggestive of a systemic thrombotic process.
Caption: This example of livedo racemosa, showing the irregular, net-like mottling surrounding pale skin, is highly suggestive of a systemic thrombotic process when it occurs in a patient with SLE.
APS is characterised by typical clinical manifestations [livedo reticularis, livedo racemosa, livedo vasculitis, thromboembolic phenomena with necrosis and ulceration of the extremities, digital gangrene, purpura, and purpura fulminans] and persistent aPL positivity (at least 12 weeks apart).
However, the possible spectrum of clinical manifestations varies considerably and involves spontaneous abortions, thrombocytopenia, prolonged in vitro bleeding tests (lupus anticoagulant), livedo racemosa, and various neurologic symptoms (2, 3).
The minor criteria are livedo racemosa, hemorrhagic bullae, or hemorrhagic plaques.