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fit or suitable to live in or with


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The Grants Program will be supported by the Council of the Ageing (COTA)s Toolkit for Local Liveable Communities which has been developed to support local government to undertake an audit of the liveability of their communities and potential barriers for older people.
Melbourne remains the most liveable city in the world for the seventh time in a row, while two other Australian and three Canadian cities have made it to the 10 most liveable cities.
Islamabad [Pakistan], August 19 ( ANI ): Pakistan's Karachi city and Bangladesh's capital city Dhaka have been named among the least liveable cities of the world, a survey.
Most Liveable City is nothing more than a soundbite.
The Summit - a premier platform to address urban sustainability challenges and develop solutions - concluded yesterday with new partnerships forged and a stronger collective resolve to develop liveable, more resilient and attractive cities for urban residents around the world.
All jobs are important in their own way and deserve a liveable wage in return.
Governments care (or should) because liveable cities align with sustainable cities, set up to be able to power, feed, entertain and educate themselves into the future.
The vision of the most liveable neighbourhood that came out of these workshops included closely connected social and environmental elements.
City services Cllr Kevin Foster said: "I am delighted we have won and it shows that real progress is being made towards us being a truly liveable community.
Urban forest practitioners will get a first-hand look at San Antonio's canopy efforts as well as innovative ideas for making their cities more liveable when the city hosts AMERICAN FORESTS' biennial National Urban Forest Conference in 2003.
The crucial question that confronts DHAKA, the capital of Bangladesh, is whether it can exist as a decent and liveable city.
He calls for efficient and liveable cities based on policies to support land use and transportation investment decisions that provide more mobility choices for residents and that result in less impact on the urban environment than the auto-dominated transportation policies of the recent past.
Gainesville brags that it was honored by Money magazine as the 1995 ``Most Liveable City in America.
The survey will answer three key preparedness questions: whether efforts are being made to assess and put into place programs, policies and services that address the needs of older adults and their caregivers; whether cities and counties are able to ensure that their communities are liveable for all ages - not only good places to grow up but good places to grow old; and how well equipped an area is able to harness the talent, wisdom and experience of older adults to contribute to the community at large.
Strong, Liveable Communities: Tasmanias Active Ageing Plan 2017-2022 aims to create a Tasmania thats the best place to live, work, invest and to be part of a family as we grow older.