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Synonyms for live wire

an intensely energetic, enthusiastic person

Synonyms for live wire

an alert and energetic person

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in effect live wires, leave seriously injured Walker Chris Carson, Metro services director, said: "The rail way industry takes metal theft very seriously because of the impact it has on passengers.
That is, if the load is less than one line average burden, he will be given single phase connection (one live wire and one neutral wire) but if the load exceeds than one line than he will be provided two phase or three phase connection (two lives one neutral or three lives one neutral) accordingly and his load will be equally distributed on each line.
Devised and performed by members of Live Youth Theatre East, Youth Theatre West, Live Youth Theatre Gateshead, Live Youth Theatre and Live Wires.
A former director of Madrid's Reina Sofia, de Corral is organizing "The Experience of Art," which will populate the Giardini with forty-one artists, including past (literally) masters like Francis Bacon, Philip Guston, and Agnes Martin, live wires such as Bruce Nauman and Dan Graham, and intriguing younger figures like Tania Bruguera, Tacita Dean, and Leandro Erlich.
Firefighters from Stokesley kept people away from the live wires and made the stolen vehicle safe.
Examples of Live Wires are actresses Helen Mirren and Julie Walters.
A local TV station in another northeast city also documented the problem, illustrating the danger by cooking a hot dog using a pole's exposed live wires.
He then stuffed sponges into the holes and warned staff there were live wires underneath.
Survey for safety hazards such as live wires, leaking gas, flammable liquids, poisonous gases and damage to foundations or underground piping
A fisherman died of electrocution while two others were hurt when the victims stepped on live wires in Lopez town in Quezon province on Sunday.
Police spokesman said in the aftermath of thunderstorm a power line was lying on the ground near chak 550-GB and Kaneez Bibi (35) while going to fields accidentally hit the live wires.
ISLAMABAD -- Owing to the shortage of basic facilities, including transport and equipment kit used for working on live wires of electricity, IESCO's offices in federal capital have failed to render services to the consumers.
Here, thieves ripped out the live wire, stole the copper cabling from it and left live wires fully exposed.
Before drilling, check there are no live wires or pipework running adjacent to the studwork.
Wind knocked down power lines in east Lancaster, draping some live wires over a fire engine, deputies said.