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Synonyms for live wire

an intensely energetic, enthusiastic person

Synonyms for live wire

an alert and energetic person

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This consumption or wastage of power is minimal when the same load is applied on the other two live wires or lines as well.
At least seven people, including three children of Manpur village, died here after the igh voltage live wire fell on a makeshift tent during a religious ceremony.
Live Wire comes from Portland and the members spare no theatrics during their tribute to the Australian rock band, wearing wigs and '80s rock outfits.
Having won the Shell Live WIRE Award for the North East of Scotland Young Entrepreneur of the year last year, Stuart is one of 18 nominees to have reached the finals of the Grampian Awards for Business Enterprise.
In addition to the site, Live Wire Media is distributing its 10-part video series titled "In Search of Character" for use in middle school and high school classrooms.
Maer's a talented live wire with an original take on the American culture," Brown tells The Advocate.
I have no inside info, but, if some firm needs a live wire, or if South Carolina suddenly sprouts a new AOC chapter, remember that I warned you.
The one live wire was Pastor's resourceful, innocent Aladdin.
One of the light's metal screws can contact an internal live wire, creating the hazard of an electric shock to the user.
Both Bedard and Simakis were working as reporters for Live Wire News Service, a graduate journalism course in NYU's Department of Journalism and Mass Communication.
FAISALABAD -- A nine-year-old boy was electrocuted when he touched a live wire in a bid to catch a stray kite at Digoluspura on Friday.
We had some difficulty penetrating the area because there was a live wire,' Soriano said in a phone interview.
LAHORE -- A man and a woman were electrocuted when a live wire fell down in rainwater at Nishtar Colony, Galaxo Town, on Sunday.
According to reports, a construction worker Khanan touched the live wire and died instantly.