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share living quarters

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The survey, by the National Centre for Social Research, found 46% of the public as a whole believe couples who live together share a common law marriage - just 1% less than in 2005.
We live together but I'm excluded My issue is, even though our relationship is out in the open and we're living together, he won't let me be a part of his family life.
'We will always remember her as a patriotic and loyal leader who wanted all Kenyans to live together peacefully and unite for progress."
Weddings can also be expensive - a recent survey found Brits spend an average of PS27,161 on their big days - so it may be preferable for couples to live together without the financial burden of marriage.
'Husband and wife cannot be forced to live together before the departure of bride under the law,' Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar observed while heading a two-member bench hearing an appeal of a woman for alimony .
The day aims to encourage people to 'live together better'.
The chief rabbi of an area affected by the fires that cut across Israel said couples whose marriage licenses were destroyed in the blazes cannot live together until they draw up a new one.
That's typical when strangers are forced to live together on campus.
These people live together for centuries in a relatively peaceful social environment and become a symbol of peace for the rest of the world.
Later, the department organized a seminar titled "Learning to live together" at the auditorium of IBB.
The UNESCO day provides all countries in the world an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the values of cultural diversity and to learn to live together better.
According to ( Daily Mail , Blake said at the event, 'We enjoy each others' company and we love being around each other, this woman just makes me so happy." He also revealed that they are going to live together when Louise moves to Perth.
One in three Brits is single and many in relationships choose to live together, or apart, rather than marry.
Interviewed, she said that they did not live together and gave an address for him in Church Street but checks showed that he had stopped living there.