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a variable load on a structure (e


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The moment diagram included the impact of self-weight (DL), superimposed dead load (SDL), live load (LL), top prestressing tendons (TP) and bottom prestressing tendons (BTP).
Using the mass and center of gravity information for the wingbox, live load distributions can be developed for application in FEA to the fixture for various loadcases.
The live load is taken as 3 kPa, based on AS/NZS 1170.
exact live load for which the bridges are designed is unknown;
The design scheme of a classical suspension bridge affected both by the dead load g and the live load p is shown in Fig.
The annual extreme sum of sustained and extraordinary live load effects [E.
3/25/2009 ADDITIONS/REMODELS 1471 KERVON CT EUG KAUFMAN AARON E & JANICE M Convert interior storage area to office-study; bath area approved as a bedroom, live load, with the bathroom window as egress.
A STRETCH of motorway was blocked for more than seven hours after a lorry full of chickens overturned and spilled its live load.
A major inspection of the structure involved the creation of a detailed 3D computer model, to analyse the construction and assess the viability of increasing its live load capacity to 7 tonnes.
The 2003 International Residential Code[R] (IRC[R]) specifies a live load of 40 pounds per [ft.
S2] consisting of bearing cables, concrete and additional cables for post-tensioning is carrying additional dead load and live load (relevant modulus of elasticity is [E.
A live load measures the concentrated load created by people, furniture, and other objects that aren't built into the structure--things that might change over time.
Depending on the method of construction, the difference between a floor that has the loading capacity of 150 pounds per square foot live load or one with 300 pounds may only be a dollar or two more for each square foot erected.
At this point in the development of loss-of-weight feeding, there were still some disadvantages, one being the very large dead load to live load ratio of the hopper and feeder equipment related to the actual ingredient quantity to be weighed.