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live so as to annul some previous behavior


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One can survive everything nowadays, except death, and live down anything except a good reputation.
Meanwhile, it seems 10 months isn't long enough for Dev to live down the fact that he locked baby Amber in a van, as his and wife Jasmin's mothers have moved in and are refusing to leave.
Puwnnc In this economic climate, it's not sensible to leave a job for nothing, especially when it's considerably more expensive to live down south.
THIS is arguably the least attractive fixture of the eight Champions League matches and it could live down to bottom billing when out-of-form Ajax head to Dynamo Zagreb.
A resident living nearby said: "We only live down the road.
A resident living nearby said: "We only live down the road, it's very sad to hear what's happened.
And we wouldn't have envied her her schooldays if he'd been a Fulham follower: Craven Cottage Jenkins would not have been an easy moniker to live down.
You ride for RVCA and Jimmy works there, your good friend who used to live down here, and how was that?
As fun as it is to watch a young athlete blossom, it's better to watch an old one try to live up to or live down past glory or failure.
The irony is that unless young people are a part of this growing community, they could know southern crunk music like the back of their hands but may have never heard of local artists like the Hieroglyphics, Zion-I or the Attik, who might live down the street from them--if their only source of music is commercial radio.
Yeast are microorganisms that naturally live down there.
Many MPs have an incident or two in their careers they would like to live down.