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the birth of a living fetus (regardless of the length of gestation)

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In his presentation on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health at the training, Olusunde said some women die on account of pregnancy or childbirth related issues in Nigeria, pointing out that out of every 100,000 live births, 576 are likely to die.
RPL is a source of great distress for couples and a search for an intervention that could result in improved live birth rates in these women is ongoing.
Conclusion: Semen presepsin values could be a new marker that may enable the prediction of successful pregnancy and/or live birth.
Several randomized controlled trials on RPL showed that FISH-based PGS cannot improve the live birth rate.
Using this approach, the prenatal period was defined as the 280 days preceding the date of a live birth for women with an indication of "late" pregnancy (ICD-9 code 645), 252 days for women with an indication of "multiple gestation" (ICD-9 code 651), or "antepartum hemorrhage" (ICD-9 code 641); as 238 days for women with an indication of"preterm labor" (ICD-9 code 644); and 270 days for all other live births (ICD-9 codes 650, 652, 654-657, 659, 660-666, or 669).
Medical College, out of 250 cases of maternal anaemia, live birth was seen in 242 cases (97%) and there were 8 cases (3%) of still birth thus the perinatal mortality rate being 33.
AWTs were abnormal (greater than the 75th percentile for age and gender) in 22% of those who had 2-3 live births, compared with 33% of those who had at least 4 live births and 25% of those who had 0-1 live births.
Odds of a live birth were lower for women in the highest versus lowest quartiles of PCB 153 and [SIGMA] PCB exposure, while PCB 118 and group 2 and 3 congeners were associated with smaller nonsignificant reductions in live births.
Women who had between one and nine units of white wine a week were 24% less likely to have a live birth and had a 23% greater chance of failed implantation of the embryo.
The East Midlands region topped the table, with an average live birth rate of 29.
Between 1990 and 2002, almost 137,000 of these young mothers delivered a live birth.
On May 28th, Judge Rothenberg apparently changed his mind and ordered Jackson Memorial to perform a live birth.
Live birth rates per treatment cycle at some leading clinics in Britain and the United States are now as high as 40%.
Infertile couples turn to surrogate motherhood as a method of having children, often with no knowledge of the fact that 20 percent of embryo transfer pregnancies end in miscarriage or don't result in a live birth.
The lowest rate again was in 1987 when the teen live birth rate was 22.