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the study of liturgies


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An English-language preface by the editors outlines the career of Casper Honders, Professor of Liturgiology at Groningen University, and pays homage to his years of practical work in the Dutch church and educational system.
21) These unfortunate developments were partly undone in the reforms authorized by Vatican II, which, as Jungmann said, "restored the old order" not by slavishly emulating any specific era in liturgical history, but by "reviving" a fuller understanding of what the liturgy is, acquired through modern biblical and patristic scholarship as well as comparative liturgiology.
26) These different movements, moreover, are not simply tributaries of cultural and social evolutions; they are accompanied by serious developments in liturgiology because of important work on ancient liturgical sources.
A few examples of such passages are his treatments of the tasks of liturgiology (88), God's presence in his word (110), the meaning of active participation (157-58), and the multiplicity of Christ's presence and its relationship to altar, ambo, and celebrant's chair (208).
s brief essays on "The Science of Liturgy" (1-6) and "Studies on Liturgical Books" (7-18), in which he provides historical treatment of the developing discipline of liturgiology from the 17th century to the present, especially as that discipline has impacted the study of medieval Latin liturgy.
The great yield of this chapter, like the ten methodological principles, is to keep one from making facile judgements about Jewish worship at the time of Jesus, when the state of both the sources and the discipline of Jewish liturgiology do not warrant so doing.